Give Good Face (On any budget)

Face. Face. Face. Do you want to give face like RuPaul?


It all starts underneath the makeup. Great skin is a the beauty holy grail. I consider myself a bit of an anomaly in the makeup world, as despite the fact that I love makeup and applying makeup, I am also fundamentally lazy and would choose the extra hour in bed over doing my face any day. As a result I am makeup-less more often than not. Consequently I take great care of my skin so that it looks as good as possible without makeup.

No.1 invest in a clarisonic type brush! You do not have to splash out on a ridiculously expensive one. Mostly I am of the belief that you get what you pay for but only up to an extent. A beauty product in the hundreds is, frankly, unnecessary. It is the same with these brushes. The one I have in No.7 and when it comes to cleaning your face I do not know how a £300 could do a better job. These brushes are fantastic at properly cleansing your skin removing every hint of makeup and dirt. This in turn prevents imperfections, which makes it a great investment for teenage skin. It is even better when paired with a great cleanser…


No.2 Cleanser! I currently use Mac’s Marine Bright Lightful Cleanser. As I am obsessed with glowy skin, this cleanser is perfect. Not only does it leave skin clean and soft, but it INSTANTLY creates a nice glow.

No.3 Face Masks. I do a face mask once a week (this is also a good time to do a hair mask so you get it all done in one night) Most supermarkets and drug stores have those little sachets of face masks for £1. These are great if you are on a budget. I particularly like the Montagne Jeunesse Honey Peel Off mask. Honey contains natural anti bacterial properties, along with smelling great. I also like the peel off effect because it’s so addictive. Alternatively you can make your own anti bacterial face mask very simply out of turmeric. Just add equal parts water and turmeric to a ramekin and apply to clean skin. You may want to use latex gloves because turmeric does tend to stain your nails. Leave on for about 20 minutes then wash off with warm water and lots of cleanser otherwise you will have a slightly Simpsons looking face for the rest of the day.


No.4 Diet! I am not going to talk about food, because that would be hypocritical of me as I eat absolute rubbish a lot of the time. However I do drink a LOT of water. And I mean a lot. At first it was a conscious effort to make myself drink more however after a week or two my body needed the extra water and I didn’t even have to think about it. Water is not just great for your skin and hair, it is also a great caffeine supplement. About 3 years ago I gave up caffeine in favour for more water. I drink a whole glass first think and whenever I feel I am lagging throughout the day I have more water. It really has a similar effect to caffeine for waking you up because it replenishes your electrolytes. And this isn’t just beauty rubbish, I used to be a student nurse and it is a fact. Along with water the benefits of drinking green tea and hot water with lemon are innumerable, so I’ve posted a list below:


I am afraid I cannot speak about moisturisers because I have oily skin so moisturiser just makes me break out. Instead I use Mario Bedescu Glycolic Gel. This stuff is a god send. It is incredible for reducing appearance of scars, fine lines and pores.



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