Urban Decay has us Naked for a 3rd time!


First it was just rumours. Then the rumours were confirmed by Urban Decay. Then it was only a matter of waiting. The pictures were released, tantalising us. This palette promised to be the best yet, all in hues of pinks and purples. It was released in America at first. Urban Decay showed us pictures of Naked girls queueing to get their hands on this long awaited palette. And yet we still had to wait. Finally it was released in England. In stores first then, at last, online where I purchased mine (beautybay.com £37).

It arrived with the standard complimentary eyeshadow brush and with an extra four eyeshadow primer samples.


When doing my own makeup I go for universal wear. Looks that can be worn in the day but will also not look out of place at night. The first look I tried with this palette was intended for a day look, however with a pair of false eyelashes, and a less subtle lip it could easily be turned into a night time look.


I used the following shades:


I applied Dust all over the lid with the fluffy end of the Urban Decay brush and then used the defined shader end to apply a cheeky bit of Nooner to the outer corner, blending it with the fluffy end. I lined my lower lashes again with Nooner and then applied my eyeliner and mascara.


I love this palette because I find that pinks and purples are great for making my eyes look even browner. Often when I wear purple shades I am asked if I am wearing coloured contacts. HOWEVER, despite the fact that all these shades are apparently brand new and exclusive to this palette alone, I find similarities between some of these and Urban Decays other shades. For example Strange looks almost indistinguishable from Anonymous (Vice palette) and Virgin (Naked original palette). But I suppose to the more trained eye its the same as the difference between white paint and eggshell..

This bankrupting palette is beautiful, however I think the reason it is priced so high at £37 and not nearer £30 is because it is more of a collectors item. That is what the Naked legacy has become. You can’t have one and not the others.

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