Oscars 2014 Beauty round up

The Oscars are the current topic on everybody’s lips and twitter accounts, from Lupita Nyong’o’s speech to that selfie. As a film geek I could spend many hours talking about the films and the winners (poor Leo), but this is a beauty blog and I want to focus on THE MAKEUP!

Now the Oscars is a classy event. And people seem to think that makeup isn’t classy. They will wear more makeup to make it look like they aren’t wearing any. The amount of makeup that goes into a natural look…seriously you would not believe. I’ll do a video tutorial one day maybe of my natural look. But I digress, my point is that most of the big stars didn’t do anything special with their faces. The main theme seemed to be pale skin with badly matched bronzer, red lips and tide marks. However there were some stand outs for me, albeit mostly not actors and mostly at the after parties. So without further ado here is my top 8 makeup looks of the Oscars 2014:

At number 8: Irina Shayk


I had to google who she was, but apparently she is a Russian model who’s face was perfection at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Her foundation matches the rest of her skin and looks even, her lips are understated and they’ve even tried a bronze smokey eye. The only criticism I have is that I don’t think bronze works with blue eyes, but she looks gorgeous.

No.7 – Gaga



The Goddess of Love looks like perfection at both the main event and the Vanity Fair party. The makeup works perfectly with both of her costume changes. This ‘natural seductress’ look is very versatile. It looks elegant with an updo and smouldering with her hair (read: wig) down. The matching peach lips and blusher looks exotic without trying too hard and her eye makeup accentuates the natural cat eye shape of her eyes, bringing out the Venus within. I have been told a couple of times I look like Gaga (I wish) so this is a look I often aim to recreate.

No.6 – Selena Gomez:


Selena looks gorgeous here, and again has gone for the peach tones in her skin and lips. This works really well with her complexion, dark eyes and hair. If you look closely you can see her makeup artist has achieved an almost perfect smokey eye with a cat eye purple shadow with a hint of glitter and perfectly highlighted for contrast. Majuh snaps to the makeup artist here.

No.5 – Gabrielle Union:



The future Mrs. D. Wade always looks flawless and this is no exception. Her foundation is even all over with a gorgeous glow, her eyelashes and eyebrows are on point, and her lip colour is so on trend. And she even went with natural hair for the night. She looks truly beautiful here.

No.4 – Chanel Iman:


Number 4 is the incomparable Chanel Iman, who looked just peng in the video for Yoncé. At the Vanity Fair party we see her with possibly one of the best smokey eyes I’ve ever seen with to die for skin and lips. The smudged out Kohl trick is an oldie but a goodie. It is just vital to remember to line the water line with a sharp darker line to contrast with the smudge. Which her makeup artist has achieved here. If you look at her eyes you can see where the water line is lined and where the smudged eyeliner and eyeshadow has been applied to achieve the smokey look. The fact that the eye is defined before it is blended out is what makes this look so attractive.


No.3 – Crystal Renn:


Wow. Seriously. It is SEVERE up in HERE. Ms Renn looks fierce. Everything about this look is just so on point. The eyebrows, the eyeliner, the lips. It’s all to die. It is so unusual for this kind of event. It is definitely the stand out look. The cat eye flick with the inside corners of the eye lined to balance it out is a tricky but worth while look. Combined with her dark eyebrows and lips, she looks like a Bond femme fatale. 10 out of 10.

No.2 – Vanessa Hudgens (Yes, really):



I honestly never thought Vanessa Hudgens would look so hot. She has been trying really hard to break away from her Disney image (*cough* Spring Breakers) but as we know, the harder they try, the more cringe it is to watch (Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes). But here she looks badass without having to try so hard. First of all, the eyes: the brown shadows work perfectly with her chocolate eyes, and those lashes are severe! Instead of smoking out eyeshadow underneath her lower lash line, her makeup artist has gone for the intense lower lashes look (alla Kim K) and it works. Plus the dark red lips which are so hot right now, this equals one intense look. And that’s not even mentioning THE NAILS! The shape, the length, the colour, the accessories, the rings. It’s just all working for me. Instead of looking like a Disney star trying to look like a rebel, she looks like a rebel who’s cleaned up for the night. It just works.

And finally Number ONE is OF COURSE:

Lupita Nyong’o!!!


Everyone is just gushing about this beautiful, talented actress and I have to join in. I’ll try to just stick to the makeup though. First of all, that skin. Absolutely stunning, and I hate using the word stunning but there is no other word for it. It is flawless and the glow, even though I’m sure most of that was coming from within, made her look radiant. The peachy blusher with the coral pink lips is a master stroke and works perfectly with her skin tone and the eyes are simple yet effective.



And thanks to you, Lupita, the whole world is going to be fishing out their school head bands to wear again.


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