ARTPOP: G.U.Y Makeup look <3

ICYMI: Lady Gaga’s video for G.U.Y dropped this week and it is FAAAAABulous. At 11 minutes long (4 minutes just for credits) it is a classic Haus of Gaga masterpiece, including 4 songs off the album: Artpop, Venus, G.U.Y and Manicure (played over the credits). Gaga’s looks in the video are amazing. It’s possibly the hottest she’s ever looked. So of course I tried to copy them in an homage to the Lady.





This would have worked better in the days when I had bleach blonde hair..but anyway the makeup was actually fairly simple. It is just a simple dewy skin, some graphic eye-liner, just clear lipgloss and eyebrows edited out in post production. I couldn’t get them to disappear in real life.



This look was a lot of fun to recreate. The eyebrows are still minimal but I didn’t have to edit them out. I just used my brow setting wax (benefit) and didn’t fill them in. The lips are a kind of light corally-orange so I used RiRi <3s Mac lipstick in Who’s That Chick and then went over them in a pinky coral lipgloss.

Here’s a closer look of the eyes:



For this I used mainly the NARS And God Created Woman palette. It’s is hard to tell exactly how to copy this look seeing as there are only two close ups of this makeup in the video, each about 1 second long but I did my best and I am quite happy with the result.

So if you haven’t seen it go and watch the video now!


“Love me, love me, please retweet” – Gaga



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