How To: Rope Braid


Hey dolls, here is the second in my Braids series. A really quick tutorial on how to rope braid. Super easy. Enjoy x

Miracle Product of the Month: May

I know it’s a bit late but it’s still may so without any more delays, here is my miracle product of the month:


My mum got this as a present for her birthday earlier this month from (shoutout) Sophie Stephenson. It is the nicest smelling hand cream you will ever come across, fact! I first started using it all the time because I loved the smell, and then I realised that my usually dry, painful hands were no longer dry and painful. Even the dry bits between my fingers were gone. 

I consider myself a bit of a hand cream connoisseur, because when I was nursing I had the worlds driest hands due to washing them every 5 minutes and using alcohol gel every 2 minutes. I’ve tried a lot of different hand creams since then and this is my favourite. So get yourself to Neal’s Yard and try it. I came for the smell, I stayed for the softness. 

Summer Foundation

I was inspired to write this post by the popularity of Guerlain’s new Terracotta Joli Teint (£34.50). After seeing it’s popularity in the beauty world, particularly with India Knight (Sunday Times) and Get The Gloss ( I decided I should definitely give this miracle product a try.


Now Guerlain are the original dons of bronzer, and the Terracotta range is legendary…however I did not love this. The reason people seem to be going to bonkers for it is because it makes you look tanned…but any foundation that is dark will make you look tanned. That’s not the point. Foundation should match your skin. Anyone can buy a foundation that is the wrong colour and just apply it all over your face and neck and make people think you’re  brown. You don’t need to spend £34.50 to do that.

There are 5 shades ranging from Clair (Light) to Ebony. I tried Moyen (medium) which is the one exactly in the middle. I have a tan, so it did match my skin, but my summer foundation for when I’m tanned already matches my skin, so what else does this have that should make me want to buy it? Well apparently it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. But I felt that it did feel uncomfortable.

In Tanning 101 they teach you that your face should always be lighter than the rest of your body. This product does not follow that rule. It seems people are using it as a wash off fake tan. Well, you could just use normal fake tan. Xen-Tan are fantastic and they have wash off products. Or James Read has a great wash off fake tan for £18.50.

I do think having a summer foundation is important. I tan quite easily so my summer foundation is at least 3 shades darker than my winter one. But you don’t need a special brand of basically liquid bronzer. You can use any foundation that matches your skin. I feel like they are tricking people to get excited about it by pretending it is a new kind of product and it isn’t. Sorry, Guerlain, I generally love you but I am not going to jump on this bandwagon.

However, some tips for buying your perfect summer foundation:

A silicone based foundation is best as it acts as a barrier stopping the makeup getting into your pores and therefore it remains immune to your body sweating and it stays on, instead of sweating off. A great example of this, and arguably one of the best foundations of ALL TIME is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£35), (the best foundation being the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion foundation)


This is expensive, but it is also the best foundation you will ever own.

Another tip for summer foundation is try and avoid powders, for example powder blushes. When powders mix with sweat it doesn’t look good. Try a cream, such as the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks (£19)


And finally, don’t forget to prime your skin before applying your makeup. It will help your makeup stay on all day. Benefit have a great long lasting primer for £24.50. It is the Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer:


If you’ve found that Guerlain’s Terracotta foundation has worked for you please comment, I would love to know how other people have gotten on with it. Just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect product for other people.



Why I am loving Bindis

As many of you will already know, I love the 90s and early naughties style. I’m not quite sure if I’m allowed to do it, because they say ‘if you can remember it the first time don’t partake’, but no one needs to know how old I am…

Which is why I LOVE wearing bindis! It is classic Gwen Stefani mid nineties:


And it has been adopted by today’s youth who have probably never heard of No Doubt. I hope I can pull it off, as I have an actual No Doubt CD. Remember CDs?

Here is Kylie Jenner rocking the look for Coachella:


And Vanessa Hudgens also at Coachella:


It’s evidently a great festival look, but since I am not a big festival go-er I just wear them out and about and round the house. It just gives an edge to your look. I love them.




I bought mine from Topshop for £5 OR you can go to an Indian fabric shop on Brick Lane and buy hundreds for about the same price. I’m going to have a very weird tan line by the end of summer.

BAFTAs 2014: Beauty Roundup

Taking place on the same night as the Billboard Music Awards were the Baftas. This was whole different kind of look to the BBMAs. One is British TV actors, and the other is pop stars. Two very different styles, but some equally beautiful looks. Here are my faves:

Josephine de la Baume


Josephine is a french actress and is also married to Mark Ronson. I admit, I didn’t know who this was and had to look her up. But I’ve included her because I can’t get over how beautiful her hair is. Such a beautiful colour and that Veronica Lake style really suits it. Makeup-wise there’s not much to speak of except she has gorgeous skin, which is complimented well by her foundation and peach blush. 

Naomie Harris


Naomie Harris is already super pengers, so it must be so fun doing her makeup. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched and not too overdrawn, and she looks beautiful with that arabic style eye liner and Kardashian style lashes. It really accentuates her feline shaped eyes. And to top it off just a slight sheen of pink on her lips to match her outfit. Perfection.

Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita is always on my beauty lists because I love her use of colour in her makeup. Her MUA has gone for a teal green on the eyes to match the bright green of her dress with a reddish/brown lip. Even though this is a lot of bright colours, it doesn’t look like too much. Somehow it all works and still looks minimal and elegant.

Lea Seydoux



Blue is the Warmest Colour‘s Lea Seydoux is another who’s chosen to wear Veronica Lake waves and side parting to compliment the red in her hair. If this is her natural hair colour, I am so jealous, if this is the work of her hair stylist, I need his/her details. And the makeup is gorgeous. A sweep of blue to match her dress with barely there eyebrows and nude lips, so all the attention goes to her eyes. It was a well made decision. 

Cate Blanchett



Oscar winner, Cate, is showing off her flawless alabaster skin here by utilising a loosely swept back updo. Both skin and hair look great. The rest of her makeup (mascara, eyebrows, shade of lipstick) is not my fave but I hardly notice as I’m too busy staring at that complexion. 

And finally, I had to include the big winner of the night and my favourite actress, Olivia Colman



She is just glowing and her happiness radiates. Which is really the best makeup. Also those killer falsies with the 1940s hair and lipstick aren’t bad either. 

Overall there was lots of 1940s hair and lots of gorgeous skin. But the makeup was more understated that the BBMAs and slightly less glam, which suited the event. I still enjoyed this different type hair and makeup, but reviewing a music event is a lot more fun. 

Billboard Music Awards 2014: Beauty Roundup

The Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) were last night and the celebs that DID attend were representing in their hair and makeup realness. So in no particular order, here are my beauty winners from last night:

J Lo:


Before the awards..


After the awards.

J Lo cleaned out last night, and rightly so. I love what she did for her video for I Luh Ya Papi, and furthermore I can’t stop singing it. She looks fantastic. I love the sixties high half-up pony, complimented by big big lashes, gold and black eyeshadows, a nude glossy lip and perfectly arched brows. 

Kelly Rowland:


People had mixed reactions to her outfit, but you can’t fault her hair and makeup here. That matte cobalt blue eyeshadow with her nude gloss and golden glowing skin works perfectly with that short choppy hairstyle and caramel highlights. Seriously though, I need to know where that eyeshadow is from. 

Amber Rose:


Mrs Khalifa is looking FIYAHH. I LOVE the lips, although those sunglasses might possibly be verging a little to far towards the V Stiviano vizer..


But I think/hope she’s being slightly tongue in cheek. Both of them. 

The Jenners


I think Kendall and Kylie looked the best last night. There’s no denying those two have style and the Kardashian looks, but with a bit more self awareness than the older sisters. 


Kendall looked high fashion glam, with understated makeup to match her sleek look. Again with the golden/peachy tones that compliment her skin tone and the Kardashian lashes that could practically take someones eye out. 


Kyle looked neo-grunge and edgy with her new blue dip dye, and again understated makeup because the hair really says it all. Kylie has my favourite eyebrows of the whole family and even though her lips tend to be over-lined, I over-line the hell out of my lips so do you, girl. 

Ke$ha (yes really)


I am never normally a fan of Ke$ha’s beauty looks, like ever, but I actually really like this one. I love the pink hair chalk which looks great with her light blonde. 


And I really like that she is using false lashes on her lower lashes. I think people underplay their lower lashes generally, and I like it when someone highlights them. With her big ol lashes, she has left the rest of her makeup natural and she actually looks really pretty. I even like that gold tooth. I mean, it’s Ke$ha, she couldn’t have gone completely classy. And I like the subtle nod to her ‘wilder’ side.

And finally, Carrie Underwood:


That tan though! Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate that tan. 

And her neon coral lip compliments it perfectly. Her eyes are smoked and lashed out to chron and although it may be a bit too much with a bold lip as well, on their own they work. 

So those of my choices who didn’t win anything last night, don’t be down-hearted because some random unknown beauty blogger thinks your makeup artists did a great job! (Y) 

Smells like Summer

I love perfumes and I believe that a scent that makes you think of summer can do wonders for your mood. I sometimes smell my summer moisturiser during the winter just to be instantly transported back to long summer days of sunbathing and instagramming my feet by a pool. 

I am really excited about my list of this years best summer perfumes, so here they are. My scents of the summer. 

First up, the Miss Dior Originale Eau de Toilette 


There are a few different versions of the classic Miss Dior but this is my favourite for summer. It is lighter than the others and less imposing, if those are legit words for describing perfume…

It combines Jasmine, Patchouli and Galbanum  which is a plant that grows in Iran and Afghanistan which is what gives the perfume it’s ‘green notes’

Next is L’Eau de Chloe:


If in doubt, perfumes that are green in colour tend to be summery ones. This is a gorgeous fresh smell. It has light notes of freesia, peony, litchi and lily of the valley over a base that includes cedarwood and amber. This also makes it a good perfume for an evening.

This next one is my favourite of the three. It is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh:


This youthful fragrance combines all the connotations of summer in a cute bottle. It’s top notes include grapefruit, pear and raspberry which explains why I love it so much because I absolutely love any beauty product that is grapefuit scented. It’s sweet, but with an edge. I am definitely adding this to my ‘to buy’ list.

My last scent isn’t a perfume, it is a moisturiser that I thought was discontinued but it was actually only repackaged!

It is the Victoria’s Secret Pink Sun Kissed range:


This body butter btw is to die. It has really tiny bits of glitter so it gives you a gorgeous golden glow.

It used to be this:


It was pure chance that I managed to find it. I was just smelling all the different moisturisers in the shop and I instantly recognised this one as the beloved moisturiser I had 3 years ago. This coconutty goo makes me so happy I am thrilled to be reunited with it ❤

Those are my favourite scents for the summer. To me, they smell like tan lines and Wimbledon. 

The Battle for the Lip Product of the Summer

Two brand new hero lip products have just been released for summer. Dior Addict Fluid Stick (£26) and the Bobbi Brown Art Stick (£19)

In the battle for the hero lip product of the summer it’s Dior vs Bobbi. 

The Dior Addict Fluid Stick applies like a gloss and lasts like a lipstick. 


There is a wide range of fun summery colours and it lasts really well. My favourite is 219 which is a gorgeous nude but they also have this seasons must have orange, a bright pink and purple. 

Then there’s the Bobbi Brown Art Stick.



Chunky pen lipsticks were a big trend last summer and the gimmick was very exciting, but to release this a year later and still want the same hype is a bit naive in my opinion. This liner-meet- lipstick is available in 8 colours exclusively for Selfridges, so yes you have to either buy from the Selfridges website and brave their not so good delivery, or trek to your nearest Selfridges store. I am not sure why this was released now and not in the winter as they are all very wintery dark colours. None are really that fun. The pigment is strong and they have a nice sheer look but I was disappointed. However at £19 they’re not too expensive (relatively). 

So for me the winner is Dior!


NARS: Matte Multiples Review

One of the new exciting things to come out of NARS this year is the Matte Multiples collection. A collection of colour sticks that can be used as blush, lipstick, contour, even eyeshadow. Sounds amazing, but for £30 (which is expensive, even for NARS) I had to see if they were worth the price.


There are 7 shades. They can be split into lips and face but there’s nothing stopping you mixing them around. 

Here are the swatches I took:


(from left to right:) Cappadoce, Vientaine, Altai (generally considered the contour sticks) and Laos, Exumas, Siam and Anguilla (for lips and blush)

Evidently they are well pigmented, however the pigmentation in Exumas and Anguilla was a bit blotchy, like when you apply a cheap lipstick and there’s lumps of pigmentation and it dries your lips out. This could be because they were a bit dried out themselves from having their lids off, or they might just not be very good. 

Cappadoce and Vientaine were also quite blotchy, although they don’t quite have the lumps that Exumas and Anguilla have. And this could be remedied by blending with a beauty sponge. 

I kept the swatches on all day to see how well they lasted and this was the result:


Anguilla has almost disappeared and the blotchiness has gotten worse, however the rest have lasted quite well. Which you would expect from NARS. But for £30 EACH I would expect better. 

Overall, I wouldn’t buy. If they were even £5 cheaper I would consider it. But even if money was no object, I do not think they’re worth £30.