Billboard Music Awards 2014: Beauty Roundup

The Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) were last night and the celebs that DID attend were representing in their hair and makeup realness. So in no particular order, here are my beauty winners from last night:

J Lo:


Before the awards..


After the awards.

J Lo cleaned out last night, and rightly so. I love what she did for her video for I Luh Ya Papi, and furthermore I can’t stop singing it. She looks fantastic. I love the sixties high half-up pony, complimented by big big lashes, gold and black eyeshadows, a nude glossy lip and perfectly arched brows. 

Kelly Rowland:


People had mixed reactions to her outfit, but you can’t fault her hair and makeup here. That matte cobalt blue eyeshadow with her nude gloss and golden glowing skin works perfectly with that short choppy hairstyle and caramel highlights. Seriously though, I need to know where that eyeshadow is from. 

Amber Rose:


Mrs Khalifa is looking FIYAHH. I LOVE the lips, although those sunglasses might possibly be verging a little to far towards the V Stiviano vizer..


But I think/hope she’s being slightly tongue in cheek. Both of them. 

The Jenners


I think Kendall and Kylie looked the best last night. There’s no denying those two have style and the Kardashian looks, but with a bit more self awareness than the older sisters. 


Kendall looked high fashion glam, with understated makeup to match her sleek look. Again with the golden/peachy tones that compliment her skin tone and the Kardashian lashes that could practically take someones eye out. 


Kyle looked neo-grunge and edgy with her new blue dip dye, and again understated makeup because the hair really says it all. Kylie has my favourite eyebrows of the whole family and even though her lips tend to be over-lined, I over-line the hell out of my lips so do you, girl. 

Ke$ha (yes really)


I am never normally a fan of Ke$ha’s beauty looks, like ever, but I actually really like this one. I love the pink hair chalk which looks great with her light blonde. 


And I really like that she is using false lashes on her lower lashes. I think people underplay their lower lashes generally, and I like it when someone highlights them. With her big ol lashes, she has left the rest of her makeup natural and she actually looks really pretty. I even like that gold tooth. I mean, it’s Ke$ha, she couldn’t have gone completely classy. And I like the subtle nod to her ‘wilder’ side.

And finally, Carrie Underwood:


That tan though! Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate that tan. 

And her neon coral lip compliments it perfectly. Her eyes are smoked and lashed out to chron and although it may be a bit too much with a bold lip as well, on their own they work. 

So those of my choices who didn’t win anything last night, don’t be down-hearted because some random unknown beauty blogger thinks your makeup artists did a great job! (Y) 


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