Why I am loving Bindis

As many of you will already know, I love the 90s and early naughties style. I’m not quite sure if I’m allowed to do it, because they say ‘if you can remember it the first time don’t partake’, but no one needs to know how old I am…

Which is why I LOVE wearing bindis! It is classic Gwen Stefani mid nineties:


And it has been adopted by today’s youth who have probably never heard of No Doubt. I hope I can pull it off, as I have an actual No Doubt CD. Remember CDs?

Here is Kylie Jenner rocking the look for Coachella:


And Vanessa Hudgens also at Coachella:


It’s evidently a great festival look, but since I am not a big festival go-er I just wear them out and about and round the house. It just gives an edge to your look. I love them.




I bought mine from Topshop for £5 OR you can go to an Indian fabric shop on Brick Lane and buy hundreds for about the same price. I’m going to have a very weird tan line by the end of summer.


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