Summer Foundation

I was inspired to write this post by the popularity of Guerlain’s new Terracotta Joli Teint (£34.50). After seeing it’s popularity in the beauty world, particularly with India Knight (Sunday Times) and Get The Gloss ( I decided I should definitely give this miracle product a try.


Now Guerlain are the original dons of bronzer, and the Terracotta range is legendary…however I did not love this. The reason people seem to be going to bonkers for it is because it makes you look tanned…but any foundation that is dark will make you look tanned. That’s not the point. Foundation should match your skin. Anyone can buy a foundation that is the wrong colour and just apply it all over your face and neck and make people think you’re  brown. You don’t need to spend £34.50 to do that.

There are 5 shades ranging from Clair (Light) to Ebony. I tried Moyen (medium) which is the one exactly in the middle. I have a tan, so it did match my skin, but my summer foundation for when I’m tanned already matches my skin, so what else does this have that should make me want to buy it? Well apparently it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. But I felt that it did feel uncomfortable.

In Tanning 101 they teach you that your face should always be lighter than the rest of your body. This product does not follow that rule. It seems people are using it as a wash off fake tan. Well, you could just use normal fake tan. Xen-Tan are fantastic and they have wash off products. Or James Read has a great wash off fake tan for £18.50.

I do think having a summer foundation is important. I tan quite easily so my summer foundation is at least 3 shades darker than my winter one. But you don’t need a special brand of basically liquid bronzer. You can use any foundation that matches your skin. I feel like they are tricking people to get excited about it by pretending it is a new kind of product and it isn’t. Sorry, Guerlain, I generally love you but I am not going to jump on this bandwagon.

However, some tips for buying your perfect summer foundation:

A silicone based foundation is best as it acts as a barrier stopping the makeup getting into your pores and therefore it remains immune to your body sweating and it stays on, instead of sweating off. A great example of this, and arguably one of the best foundations of ALL TIME is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£35), (the best foundation being the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion foundation)


This is expensive, but it is also the best foundation you will ever own.

Another tip for summer foundation is try and avoid powders, for example powder blushes. When powders mix with sweat it doesn’t look good. Try a cream, such as the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks (£19)


And finally, don’t forget to prime your skin before applying your makeup. It will help your makeup stay on all day. Benefit have a great long lasting primer for £24.50. It is the Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer:


If you’ve found that Guerlain’s Terracotta foundation has worked for you please comment, I would love to know how other people have gotten on with it. Just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect product for other people.




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