BET Awards 2014 Beauty Roundup

Last night was the annual BET Awards, which are definitely in my top 3 awards of the year, especially in terms of hair and makeup!

So here are my favourite beauty looks of the evening, in no particular order:

First up, Amber Rose. I’m such an Rosebud. I love this woman. Her look is amazing and she is such a good mother and is so supportive of Wiz. So she is always in my favourite looks of any award show she attends. Furthermore her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, is perhaps my fave MUA of all time. Check out her gorgeous look below:

photo 1 photo 2

I love the natural golden glow on her eyes with the subtle pink sheen to the lips. Plus those eyebrows are on POINT! Perfect, Muva.

Next up, Paris Hilton. I know, but it isn’t about her, it’s all about her makeup artist, Etienne Ortega. His glam on Paris is flawless.

photo 3

The extra dark smokey eye with the nude lip compliments her hair and skin perfectly. He makes her look classy, which is pretty impressive. And I love the pink blusher. Pink blush is so underrated these days because everyone is feeling the peachy tones, but I still rep the pink.

This next woman has received a lot of flack recently for being asked to play Aliyah in a biopic about the singer’s life. Due to the hate, she turned the part down. I think the negativity was unnecessary because it was not her fault she was asked. People just don’t want this movie to happen but it was unfair to take it out on her. It is Zendaya Coleman.


Unfortunately I could not find a close up of her face for the makeup, but I love this hair. As my dolls know, I am big into braids so anyone braided up gets my approval!

This next girl is one to watch. Tinashe.

photo 4

She’s a singer and performed her single ‘2 on’ at the show. She also looks fantastic with her caramel curls and super feline eye liner. It’s lined right into the inner corners to accentuate the almond shape of her eyes. So cute.

Next is cutie Karrueche. I personally preferred her overall look from the award’s Pre Dinner, but she still looked cute last night.

karrueche-tran-bet-awards-2014 ktran62914-_sp

The loose curls are very youthful and pretty, and I like the lined eyes with the nude lips, but personally I think this look from the Pre Dinner wins:

451416364 451416388

The sleek hair looks so much more grown up and less Disney. Plus the major eyelashes and super bronzed skin are killer. I love the dab of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. It’s a great trick for looking more awake. Beautiful.

Pia Mia Perez is some singer/songwriter/actress/model but probably more Instagram famous than actually famous.  Her looks are always so fire. She’s definitely my hairspiration and she looked fantastic last night.

photo 1 (1)

She is just so cool. I LOVE the hair with the white bandanna tied, plus the dark red lips with her skin tone is perfection. The has this gorgeous golden glow going on which is TO DIE.

RHOA ‘star’ Kenya Moore turnt up last night with this fabulous look in orange


Here’s a close up of her makeup:

photo 2 (1)

Her MUA, Arianna Garcia, used Anastasia Beverley Hills on her brows and the lashes are Flutter Lashes Inc. I love the top and bottom false lashes look. Later on in the evening she applied an orangey lipstick to match her dress and it looked great.

Actress Raven Goodwin also looked fierce last night.

raven-goodwin-bet-awards-2014 photo 3 (1)


Another girl rocking the orange lips. And that eye makeup is amazing. I love the eyeshadow in the outer edge of the lid going up to the brow bone, used to give a more feline shape to the eyes. Plus her skin is just glowing.

Last but not least, Adrienne Bailon looking hella elegant:

Bailon_BET_awards 451460068


Maybe the hair is just a little too scraped back for my taste, it just looks a bit severe with the already OTT makeup. This makeup would have worked better with a more relaxed ‘do. She’s got the eyes lined and lashed up to the nines and the orangey/red lips that are so on trend. Even though I am not a big fan of matte skin, it does look great  on her.

I recommend watching the awards, if only just for Chris Rock’s jokes.

L’Oreal Elvive ‘Fibrology’ Review

My hair is pretty fine, so I was excited to try the L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, even if they did make up a word. (‘Fibrology’?? Come on)


It’s inexpensive (£3.99 each in boots, or currently 3 for £10) and after one use I have to say I did notice I was having a particularly good hair day.

photo 1 (21) photo 2 (20)

(Please forgive the dirty mirror) My hair does look quite a bit thicker than normal here and still looks good the morning after:

photo (33)

I didn’t use any other conditioning treatments or products, except for my usual argan oil and then left my hair to dry naturally. It could just be because when you change shampoos your hair always looks better for the first couple of weeks, but at such a good price, I would definitely buy this product.

A few reviews I’ve read say that it didn’t do much for them after the first wash but after a few weeks they started to notice a real difference in their hair’s health and thickness, so I imagine if I kept using this the results would get even better. So it has my recommendation.

Look of the Month: Tennis Girlfriends

I don’t like to bunch these group of girls together with the term ‘TWAGS’ (Tennis wives and girlfriends) because they are individuals and shouldn’t just be known as so-and-so’s girlfriend. That being said…they are all absolutely gorgeous and have the natural, low maintenance but expensive, fresh off the yacht look. So for someone who doesn’t like to wear too much makeup in the summer, it’s a great look.

First up, Kim Sears.


This Hair idol is a very talented artist with a degree in English Literature, who also happens to be the girlfriend of reigning Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray. Her beautiful light honey brunette locks have inspired a nation, however unfortunately for most of us, it’s probably just lucky genetics but a mortal could always just try a good professional blow dry, using a setting spray. Being the go to reaction shot during any Andy Murray match, there is a lot of pressure on her to represent for her boy, and I think she does a fantastic job.

Jelena Ristic is the beautiful fiancée  of Tennis don, Novak Djokovic. She is a ‘digital marketing, branding and communications consultant’ (whatever than means), a sometime model, and director of the Novak Djokovic foundation. She is also pregnant, so congratulations! She is stunningly gorgeous:

Jelena-Ristic-profile-2 portrait-jelena-ristic


If you can’t afford  a holiday, get this look at home with some Sun-In and a bottle of Xen-Tan.  To recreate her glowing natural looking skin, try a moisturiser that enhances your glow (like this Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Illuminating Moisturiser) and a sweep of mascara to draw attention to your eyes. Her look is very minimal, which is perfect for summer, and as you can see she can definitely get away with it.

Another natural beauty fan, Maria Francisca Perello. She has a business degree and until recently didn’t come to watch her boyfriend, Rafa Nadal’s matches because she was concentrating on her career in Palma. However when she is seen, she is always naturally flawless.

Xisca+Perello+2013+Open+Day+8+CiUkY2RGHTTl Xisca-Perello-US-Open

Whether she’s going for smooth or textured hair, it always looks healthy and shiny. To make the most out of your curly locks like Xisca, try this Curl Definition Cream from Kerastase. And to recreate her defined brows, who better but the Queen of Brows, Anastacia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade, available to UK residents via

These are my top 3, but if you watch you will notice that all the tennis girlfriends favour the less is more look, and it really works for them. It is the look I am going to be going for this summer.

Mac: An Unrequited Love story

I love Mac, I do. It has been my favourite beauty brand for years. I love their products, their range of colour and I especially love that all their Viva Glam proceeds go towards supporting sufferers of HIV and AIDS. 

But recently I have started to see the cracks appearing in our relationship. It’s started gradually, over the past couple of years the Limited Editions have been getting worse and worse, and more and more disappointing. I wasn’t excited about a single collection until the Alluring Aquatic’s collection earlier this year. Finally something worth getting excited about and parting with my money for.


Unfortunately, like all Mac Limited Editions, this sold out within hours online and left only a few pieces in store. Having just started out as a Beauty Blogger, I am not exactly rich. And my pay day wasn’t till two weeks after the collection came out, by which time everything was gone. The only collection I’ve liked in two years and I missed it. 

Their next collection is the Osbournes collection with two different ranges, Kelly and Sharon. 




Despite having no opinion on the Osbournes, I did like the look of Kelly’s line so when it was released I hopped on the internet as quickly as I could and…all sold out. I’m at home all day, and I couldn’t get there quick enough! Imagine people who work in offices or nurses working 12 and a half hours without a break. They don’t stand a chance, and why should people who work hard and have to live Pay Day to Pay Day be denied makeup?

These Limited Editions are creating an atmosphere of elitism around makeup, and that is not what makeup is about. Anyone should be able to buy this middle range brand’s products, not just those with the quickest internet connections and instant disposable income. It’s just makeup, after all. 

So please Mac, for the people that love you, look out for all your customers. Don’t make buying your products a competitive sport. We all deserve lipstick. And while you are at it, hire more staff for your stores, especially the busy ones, so loyal customers don’t have to queue for twenty minutes just to ask a question. 

I have such a dysfunctional relationship with Mac. They know whatever they do I’ll always keep coming back. But am I the only one who’s sick of it?  

Let me know how you feel, dolls. Maybe together we can make a change. 

Mascara: Drug store vs High End

When it comes to beauty products, I tend to think you get what you pay for and go for high end. However there is one area where I make an exception to that rule. Mascaras.

Like most girls I try all the new ‘miracle’ mascaras when they come out. But the one product I keep coming back to, and the only mascara I’ve re purchased is Max Factor’s False Lash Effect (£10.99)



It’s the blackest black I have ever found in a mascara and creates volume. I am realistic and don’t expect miracles from mascaras because they can only work with what you’ve already got, but this is the best mascara I’ve used and makes my lashes look the best they can look.

Products that come close, well obviously Benefit’s They’re Real (£19.50)


But with an almost £10 difference in price, there isn’t much difference in the effect:

photo (32)

Max Factor is on the top, Benefit is on the bottom (yes my eyes are different colours)

The Max Factor is a lot blacker and more high impact for a lot less money.

In the middle range, I do like Mac’s Opulash (£14)


This is a great everyday mascara and gives a more separated look to your lashes.

Yet to arrive in the UK market is Urban Decay’s new Perversion mascara. Their Perversion eye liners are the blackest money can buy and I am a big Perversion junkie so I am excited about this product.


It is going to be released at $22 so that will be about £17 (ish) in the UK. That’s quite pricey for a middle range brand like Urban Decay but I have heard amazing things so will be first in line to get one and see if it can beat my trusty False Lash Effect.

Miracle Product of the Month: June

I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without having this as my MPOM, I guess it’s one of those products that are so essential to my routine I just take it for granted. It is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (£14.50


It is the best spot-on spot treatment I have ever had. It combines salicylic acid, calamine, camphor and all other kinds of junk designed to shrink your spots overnight. You apply it with a cotton bud dipped into the pink stuff at the bottom (do not shake the bottle!) and then dab that onto the troublesome area. The spot will reduce overnight, or if it is a spot waiting to come out it will disappear without ever showing it’s ugly head. The salicylic acid fights the spot while the calamine reduces redness and inflammation. Life Hack: also works to take the itch out of mosquito bites.

I can’t recommend it enough. Just remember to wash your face in the morning or you will be walking around with pink dots on your face all day.

This isn’t a foundation, It’s a miracle

The Chanel Les Beiges collection launched on the 5th May, first of all with their powder and then later on introducing their All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid. Which I can tell you, is a miracle. It would be my miracle product of the month but it’s not the middle of the month yet, but it is the most exciting beauty product to be released this year (for me).

It isn’t a foundation. It’s not a moisturiser. It’s not even somewhere in between. It’s a completely new type of product which you apply like a foundation or a primer, and it wears like air.

photo 1

photo 2

The perfect product for summer, it doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable on the skin. It comes in 6 shades: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. But because it is so sheer you don’t need to worry too much about getting the exact right match.

This product isn’t about coverage. If you are looking for coverage this isn’t for you. But what it does do is makes you look like you have naturally flawless, glowy skin without looking like you’re wearing makeup. It’s the perfect middle ground for summer, when you don’t want to wear a full blown foundation, but you feel you need something. It contains SPF 15 and hyaluronic acid for hydration and comfort, with a bit of plumping.

To show you what it looks like on, this is me wearing the fluid in No.20 with no other makeup on:

photo 3

photo 4

It covers up my scars just enough but doesn’t look obvious, plus it gives me a glow which you all know I love!

It is priced at £34 which is a lot but I think it is worth it. Let me know what you think.

photo 5

I’m going to Italy tomorrow for a week, so I won’t be posting till I get back. Where I’m staying is in the mountains in the middle of nowhere so no wifi. But wait till you see my tan! Have a great week, dolls x