Mac: An Unrequited Love story

I love Mac, I do. It has been my favourite beauty brand for years. I love their products, their range of colour and I especially love that all their Viva Glam proceeds go towards supporting sufferers of HIV and AIDS. 

But recently I have started to see the cracks appearing in our relationship. It’s started gradually, over the past couple of years the Limited Editions have been getting worse and worse, and more and more disappointing. I wasn’t excited about a single collection until the Alluring Aquatic’s collection earlier this year. Finally something worth getting excited about and parting with my money for.


Unfortunately, like all Mac Limited Editions, this sold out within hours online and left only a few pieces in store. Having just started out as a Beauty Blogger, I am not exactly rich. And my pay day wasn’t till two weeks after the collection came out, by which time everything was gone. The only collection I’ve liked in two years and I missed it. 

Their next collection is the Osbournes collection with two different ranges, Kelly and Sharon. 




Despite having no opinion on the Osbournes, I did like the look of Kelly’s line so when it was released I hopped on the internet as quickly as I could and…all sold out. I’m at home all day, and I couldn’t get there quick enough! Imagine people who work in offices or nurses working 12 and a half hours without a break. They don’t stand a chance, and why should people who work hard and have to live Pay Day to Pay Day be denied makeup?

These Limited Editions are creating an atmosphere of elitism around makeup, and that is not what makeup is about. Anyone should be able to buy this middle range brand’s products, not just those with the quickest internet connections and instant disposable income. It’s just makeup, after all. 

So please Mac, for the people that love you, look out for all your customers. Don’t make buying your products a competitive sport. We all deserve lipstick. And while you are at it, hire more staff for your stores, especially the busy ones, so loyal customers don’t have to queue for twenty minutes just to ask a question. 

I have such a dysfunctional relationship with Mac. They know whatever they do I’ll always keep coming back. But am I the only one who’s sick of it?  

Let me know how you feel, dolls. Maybe together we can make a change. 

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