Look of the Month: Tennis Girlfriends

I don’t like to bunch these group of girls together with the term ‘TWAGS’ (Tennis wives and girlfriends) because they are individuals and shouldn’t just be known as so-and-so’s girlfriend. That being said…they are all absolutely gorgeous and have the natural, low maintenance but expensive, fresh off the yacht look. So for someone who doesn’t like to wear too much makeup in the summer, it’s a great look.

First up, Kim Sears.


This Hair idol is a very talented artist with a degree in English Literature, who also happens to be the girlfriend of reigning Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray. Her beautiful light honey brunette locks have inspired a nation, however unfortunately for most of us, it’s probably just lucky genetics but a mortal could always just try a good professional blow dry, using a setting spray. Being the go to reaction shot during any Andy Murray match, there is a lot of pressure on her to represent for her boy, and I think she does a fantastic job.

Jelena Ristic is the beautiful fiancée  of Tennis don, Novak Djokovic. She is a ‘digital marketing, branding and communications consultant’ (whatever than means), a sometime model, and director of the Novak Djokovic foundation. She is also pregnant, so congratulations! She is stunningly gorgeous:

Jelena-Ristic-profile-2 portrait-jelena-ristic


If you can’t afford  a holiday, get this look at home with some Sun-In and a bottle of Xen-Tan.  To recreate her glowing natural looking skin, try a moisturiser that enhances your glow (like this Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Illuminating Moisturiser) and a sweep of mascara to draw attention to your eyes. Her look is very minimal, which is perfect for summer, and as you can see she can definitely get away with it.

Another natural beauty fan, Maria Francisca Perello. She has a business degree and until recently didn’t come to watch her boyfriend, Rafa Nadal’s matches because she was concentrating on her career in Palma. However when she is seen, she is always naturally flawless.

Xisca+Perello+2013+Open+Day+8+CiUkY2RGHTTl Xisca-Perello-US-Open

Whether she’s going for smooth or textured hair, it always looks healthy and shiny. To make the most out of your curly locks like Xisca, try this Curl Definition Cream from Kerastase. And to recreate her defined brows, who better but the Queen of Brows, Anastacia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade, available to UK residents via cultbeauty.co.uk

These are my top 3, but if you watch you will notice that all the tennis girlfriends favour the less is more look, and it really works for them. It is the look I am going to be going for this summer.


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