Miracle Product of the Month: July

This months Miracle Product is not a specific product from a specific brand, it is item almost every makeup brand produces, and one that is definitely worth purchasing. 

The White Eyeliner Pencil.

It is so ingrained into my makeup routine I don’t even think about it, but it’s time for its turn in the spotlight. The pencil I use is Mac’s kohl eye liner in Fascinating:

photo 2 (22)

One of its uses is to highlight under and on top of my brows. It is quicker and easier than concealer, eye shadow or real highlighter.

photo 1 (23)

Just blend with your finger, and voila, your eyebrows are poppin!

You can also use it to line your lower water line to make your eyes look wider and more awake

photo 3 (14)

And for even more of a bright eyed look, follow the curve of the inner corner of your eye with the pencil, and then blend out with your finger:

photo 2 (21) photo 1 (22)

This is a great cheat product to avoid the mess of powders, brushes and creams and have the control that a pencil provides. It only takes a few seconds and look at the difference:

photo 3 (15)

A white pencil, if you know how to use it, makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and gives a wide awake look that lasts all day. No one needs to know you were up all night partying (or being pawed by your cats, which is more accurate for me). 


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