5 Great Drug Store Brands

1. Batiste


As in the dry shampoo. I have tried some of the most expensive, high-end dry shampoos out there, and none compare to the cheap and cheerful Batiste range. My hair gets greasy almost 12 hourly. But because I want my hair to be healthy, I try not to wash it everyday. Which means dry shampoo is a staple in my beauty regime. (£2.99)

2. Eco Tools

images (1)

Get the Gloss recently did a study into the best foundation brushes and the Eco Tools Bamboo Foundation Brush (£7.99) made the cut with a 9 out of 10 score! Despite it’s low price, it didn’t shed and was great for blending. So now we know, great makeup brushes under £10 DO exist.

3. Nyx


Nyx Cosmetics have a wide range of products from every kind of makeup to tools, to nail polishes. They even sponsored RuPaul’s Drag Race a bunch of times. Their hero product is their Matte Lipsticks (£6) and they also do a Soft Matte Lip Cream (£5.50), which applies like a gloss but dries matte.

4. ELF


Eyes Lips Face (or ELF) are an online stockist with drugstore prices. In fact, less than drugstore prices. When they started, their attracting gimmick was all their products were £1.50. That is still their baseline price, but for some larger palettes or kits, prices are a little higher. You can get an 100 (!) eyeshadows palette for £15. Which is roughly the price of one Mac eyeshadow.

5. Sleek


Sleek are an underrated high street brand, best known for their NARS dupe blushers. For just £4.49 these 11 shades offer quite a good imitation of the famous NARS blushers. They obviously aren’t as good NARS, but for a quarter of the price they are more than worth the money. Priced at twice as much, they’d still be a good buy.


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