The Best Beauty Moments of the AMAs 2014

I was not ready for the high levels of peng that were at last night’s AMAs.

First off, lets talk about Fergie coming out of nowhere and blowing us all away!

Fergie (1) Fergie (2)

That hair colour looks gorgeous on her and with all the long bobs around these days, it’s nice to see someone representing the long hair. Her soft natural makeup looks great with her loose waves. Surprising how such a natural look can be such a knockout, but it just works.

J Lo (as always) looked fantastic.

Jennifer-Lopez (1)

I love the sleeked back wet look hair, because it’s very easy to do with greasy hair (which mine always is). You can just tell people it’s product. The eyeshadow under her lower lash line is smoked out to perfection and she’s rocking some killer Louboutin nails (when the underside of the nails are painted red)

Jordin Sparks


BAM! Look at that glam, Studio 54 hair. Jordin looked great channeling 1970s Diana Ross.

The Jenner Faction

photo 1 photo 2

Both of the Jenner sisters looked great. Kendall went for a sleek long bob while Kylie contrasted with her signature blue hair in a messy bun. Their makeup was by Rob Scheppy and for Kylie he used:

Makeup Forever Palette foundation set in Medium Beige with Translucent Natural Powder

Charlotte Tilbury FilmStar Highlight and Contour

Eyeko Lash Wardrobe Black Magic Mascara and Eyeko Brow Liner and Brow Gel

And the one we all want to know about; Mac Lip Liner in Burgandy with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm over the top.

For Kendall he used all Estee Lauder products, because Kendall is now the face of Estee Lauder:

The foundation was Bare Creme

Ivory Powder on the eyes

Star Pink lipgloss

Lovers Blush on the cheeks.

They looked beautiful.

Jhene Aiko posted this picture of her getting ready:

photo 3

Of course she’s already a stunningly beautiful woman, so obviously she looks great, but I particularly like her grecian plait with the curls.

I’m normally not a fan of Rita Ora‘s makeup, personally I don’t like really dark eyebrows with blonde hair, but she did look nice last night:

Rita-Ora (1)

Her makeup looked a lot less severe than usual, because she opted for a more natural lip colour, and her spidery lashes actually go with her spider earrings! That wasn’t shade, spider lashes are having a moment.

And finally, Selena Gomez


Selena looked so chic on the red carpet. Her smooth centre-parted chignon with the burgundy lipstick made her look mature and elegant.

So that’s the AMAs for another year. Now it’s just waiting for the Golden Globes and then, my favourite night because I’m a film nerd, The Oscars!

12 times Rihanna won at beauty

In honour of RiRi’s return to Instagram, here are some of her best beauty moments:

1. This high glam New Years look


2. This smokey eye look


3. But she can also rock a minimal eye with a bold lip


4. Her hands


5. Her hair at fashion week


6. When she rocked Mia Wallace hair


7. When she rocked pink hair


8. When she rocked red hair


9. When she had a mullet and made it look cool

Rihanna For River Island SS14 - Launch Photocall

10. When she wear’s no makeup at all


11. THIS


12. And when she wore green lipstick

2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Backstage & Audience

Keep slaying Ri x


DIY: Make your own makeup!

For those of you who like to live a chemical and harm free life, and are tired of trying to get hold of the various vegan makeup brands, or if you’re just on a budget, why not make your own makeup?

I found this cool infographic (at with all the steps you need:

Ditch The Chemicals: Create Your Own Makeup Infographic

When it comes to your face, just do you!

We can do what we like with our faces. They are OUR faces. I don’t wear makeup often, and haven’t done for a couple of years and here’s why.

First of all, I am incredibly lazy. I could happily spend the rest of my life watching netflix surrounded by cats. So if I have to choose between more time in bed and wearing makeup, my bed will always win. I’ve always been fairly confident about being makeup free since my school days. We weren’t allowed to wear makeup until 6th form.  We had to report to our housemistress every morning for ‘the face wipe test’ and it didn’t matter where we were, if a teacher thought we had makeup on they would use the public humiliation technique to scar us from ever daring to cover up a spot again. This seemed cruel and unnecessary (and still does to some extent). Teenage girls are walking insecurities. I had horrible acne that would later leave scars that took years to fade. I hated my nose and was convinced people wouldn’t notice it if I drew attention to my eyes so I would line the hell out of them. But on that first makeup free day, the world did not end. Turned out everyone had spots, and no one looked that much different without our poorly applied makeup. I still had boyfriends and no one set themselves on fire at the sight of my real face. Even though I think it is unfair not to let teenagers at least wear concealer for their spots, I cannot deny it gave me a confidence in myself that has never left. So thank you, school. Kind of.

photo (3)Regular Barbz

Obviously as soon as I left school I learnt how to apply makeup properly and embraced how fun and transformative it can be. I really love painting faces, and still do. However a couple of years ago I went a long time without makeup and I got to know my face all over again and I became really attached to it. I am really fond of my unique face with all its lumps and bumps and when I wear makeup now I don’t feel 100% comfortable. I still love applying it and trying out new products, but I take it off again relatively quickly, and I probably only wear it now about once a month. I know it seems weird to feel more comfortable without makeup, but I just prefer to see my unaltered face looking back at me in the mirror. It upsets me that women who choose not to wear makeup are labelled as lazy or slobs.

On the other end of the spectrum, it also upsets me when people judge men and women who wear a lot of makeup or who need makeup to feel comfortable. As much as we can choose not to wear makeup, we can also choose to wear as much makeup as we want. When I do wear makeup for a night out I wear A LOT! And I’m sure I speak for most people who wear makeup when I say we do not do it to attract people, we do not care if you think it’s too much, we do not care if you think we are prettier without it. Our main concern isn’t pleasing strangers. We wear it because it’s fabulous and makes us look fierce and it’s fun to apply. We can be creative and reflect our personality with the canvas that is our face and the paint that is our makeup. It is art, and anyone who thinks otherwise is unenlightened. And for some people, a signature makeup look can be part of their personality. It reflects who they are, so if they feel uncomfortable without makeup it is not because they are insecure, it is because they don’t feel like themselves.

546544_3665003356589_803011674_nParty Barbz

Our faces are our faces, and they are not there to please onlookers. Dolls, do what you want with your faces! Paint them up, or leave them be. They are YOUR canvas to decide what to do with.

Celebrities who won Halloween 2014

Halloween is one of my favourite spectator sports.I love watching the costumes roll in on Instagram, and last year the celebs pulled out all the stops. This year there weren’t as many makeup related costumes so I have included a few civilians that did a great job with Halloween makeup.

First up, a great Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) costume by Padma Lakshmi and Susan Sarandon.

photo 1 photo 2 (1)

These skulls are a very popular makeup look on Halloween, but Padma and Susan also went all out with traditional Day of the Dead costumes. It looked very cool.

Amber Rose’s birthday is near Halloween so she often has a joint birthday/halloween party that a lot of celebs attend, and she loves costumes that involve face-changing makeup. This is her as a zombie bride this year:

photo 2

The blood is a really nice touch.

Attending her party was Carmen Electra dressed as a chola

photo 1 (1)

As you know I’ve done this look before, it is a lot of fun to recreate. I particularly like the tattoos.

As expected, my favourite drag queen Sharon Needles looked gore-ific this year:

photo 1

She dressed as a chic Julia from Hellraiser. Terrifying.

A triple whammy from Demi Lovato, J Lo and Iggy Azalea:

photo 1 (2)

Demi payed homage to one of comedy’s greats, Lucille Ball. J Lo just looked hot, and Iggy shot back at the haters by dressing as one of the White Chicks to which she is often compared. No better way to stop people laughing at you than by laughing at yourself. I admire her sense of humour.

I hoped somebody would be Maleficent because it is a great makeup look, and Giuliana Rancic did not disappoint:

photo 3 (1)

Those cheekbones though.

At first I was a bit disappointed by Rihanna’s costume, I expected something outrageous, but her Ninja Turtle was actually pretty cool:

photo 2 (1) photo 3

She looks good in green!

And finally, the person whose costume the world always looks forward to, Heidi Klum:

photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)

Dressed, in amazing detail, as a butterfly. The makeup on this is insane! Truly transformative. It must have been a fun job to have.

And now some civilians.

Nail Artist @Kandiyamz did some very cute cat makeup:

photo 4 (1)

Nail art must translate pretty well into Makeup art. My favourite part about this look is the ombre lip, and the leopard dots of course.

This makeup look from instagram account @missasheed made me do a double take:

photo 4

Gross, but brilliant.

And this girl @katturnerwashere won the whole of Halloween for me, dressed as Laura Palmer:

photo 3

Amazing. So morbid. So good.

And even though this costume didn’t involve makeup, I have to mention the amazing likeness of this man who dressed as Buster Bluth from Arrested Development:

photo 2

Who did I dress as? Why, Buffy of course!


Happy Halloween!