Clearasil Review

I remember using these Clearasil Pads as a youth, before I finally went to the doctor for my acne and was prescribed a specialised treatment. But considering what I was up against, they worked pretty hard to clear my skin.

After coming off my prescription treatment a few years ago, I still get the odd breakout. Recently I had one that was worse than ever. Most of my treatments I use now are more cosmetic than clinical but I realised I needed some decent, over-the-counter spot stuff, stat!

I tried various Freederm creams (rubbish) and then remembered that these Clearasil pads held their own pretty well against a 14 year olds acne, so maybe they’d be just what I need now


Sometimes with adult acne, the teenage products are the best you can get over-the-counter. Each pad is infused with a spot treating cocktail, with active ingredient, Salicylic acid. Just rub over problem areas after washing your face. They’re pretty good at keeping spots at bay and drying out existing spots. But if your skin is really bothering you, the best thing to do it go to your doctor. There are some great prescription spot treatments. However, this product works really well for the odd breakout.

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