Nail growth myths

Much like with hair, there is no way to speed up nail growth. It grows at a fixed rate. If you want longer nails, the best thing to do is make them healthy and strong so they don’t break off at short lengths.

Here are some tips for healthy, strong nails:

Iron: iron deficiency can cause poorly hair and nails. Red meat contains iron and also it is rich in protein which is vital for healthy nails.

Almonds also contain a ton of protein along with magnesium which is great for hair and nails. A deficiency in magnesium can cause those pesky nail ridges.


Milk: vitamin D (helps with calcium absorption = healthy nails) and protein.


Biotin. Taking biotin supplements has been proven to improve the condition of nails. It helps develop keratin. Eggs are a great source of both biotin and vitamin D.


Lastly, don’t forget the importance of moisturising. Dry nails are brittle and fragile nails. Don’t forget the cuticles. Dry cuticles can cause hangnails and look ragged.



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