Best Makeup Looks from SDCC 2015

Comic-con is a great place to see cosplay at its best. Some of these looks take hours of intricate makeup and special effects skills. These are some of the best makeup looks I’ve seen from this years San Diego Comic-con.


Zombies are a popular theme and it takes a lot of special effects makeup skill to make zombies this scary.


This Mad Max family probably took a lot more than some talcum powder to create this look.


Mystique doesn’t need any help with her makeup.

And somebody actually went as Lorne from Angel!


Deathwok Clan makeup perfection. This fan would fit in perfectly in Pylea.

These Chewie’s Angels are everything


The time that went into that.

Then there’s this guy, who with the help of body makeup, prosthetics and a mask has transformed himself


This drag Joker has the best makeup I’ve ever seen on a villain


And there’s nothing like some body paint contouring to turn you into she-hulk



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