My Top 5 Stars who always have the best makeup

Celebrities, with their personal glam squads, are constantly giving us makeup envy. They can inspire our beauty looks. We all have our personal favourites, but these are my Top 5, in no particular order.

Nicki Minaj


She has winged liner for dayyys. Her looks are always on point.



When Ciara does wear makeup, she keeps it very minimal. Its gorgeous and easy to recreate.


And in her free time she doesn’t wear any makeup at all, which is my favourite look to copy.



Her eyeshadows are always a beautiful array of nudes, browns and golds. And great winged liner.



Winged liner, winged liner, winged liner.

Amber Rose


Although we rarely see Muva without her signature sunglasses, we know underneath she is rocking that winged liner.

As you may have guessed, I like winged liner.

DIY Green Tea Face Mask

Not only does green tea make you live longer when consumed, it is also great for your skin when applied topically. It’s is rich in antioxidants which is very good for the skin. It reduces sebum which in turn can help diminish acne. Black tea is also good for the skin, making it brighter and firmer. You can also apply a used tea bag directly to a spot to reduce inflammation. Just make sure it’s cooled first.


Here is a very simple recipe for a homemade Green Tea Face Mask:

Empty 2 green tea bags into a cup, mix with equal parts baking soda. Take a teaspoon of this mixture and add to some honey. Adjust ratio as desired. Apply to face. The honey also acts as an antibacterial.

Good Luck!

70s makeup tips

Seventies beauty trends are pretty easy to replicate. The makeup was slightly more relaxed than the sixties, before working its way up to the colour explosion of the eighties.

There were four main staples to the looks.

Number One: A ton of bronzer


The seventies was the decade of bronzer. Over applied, and all over the cheeks. The golden goddess look was in.

Number two: Lower lashes


The trend that started in the sixties kept on going, and lower lashes were often more defined than upper lashes.

Number Three: Amber lips


The seventies’ love of bronze didn’t just end with the cheeks. Orange hued lips was the new natural.

Number four: Pastel eyeshadow


Warming up for the bold colours of the eighties, the seventies were also all about coloured eyeshadows, but they tended towards a softer pastel palette.

Follow these steps and you’ll be looking like an extra from Mad Men series 7 in no time.

Which parting works best for your face shape?

It is a common dilemma. Many different partings, which way will suit you? We’ve worked out which glasses to get, but now we have to decide how to part our hair, or whether or not to get bangs. I say wear your hair how you want. However, if you want to know which way is the most flattering, here are the ‘rules’.

For around face shape, a deep side part will add length to your face.


For a square face shape, a side parting is best, but not too deep. Just off centre is the most flattering.


A heart shaped face looks best with a centre parting, or side swept bangs


A centre parting or bangs works best with a long face


And if you have an oval shaped face, you’re lucky. You can wear you hair in any parting you like and always look great.


These ‘rules’ however, are made to be broken. So if you have a round face, for example, and want to rock a centre parting, go for it. With enough confidence you can carry off any look.

Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2015

Celebrities have the funds and the resources available to change their hair whenever the whim strikes them with relatively little consequence. If they don’t like it they can just buy new hair. This makes keeping up with their current hairstyle a never-ending task. These are some of the best hair transformations of the year so far:

Scar-Jo went from this…


to this:



Kaley Cuoco also chopped of her blonde locks:


Hailey Baldwin went from blonde..


to brunette..



back to blonde..


The Baldwin sisters must have planned this together because Ireland also went brunette:


Amy Poehler (one of my favourite people of all time) went from her trademark blonde to a gorgeous auburn:



And I had to include a Kardashian so I went for the one with the most flattering transformation.



The other sisters may go from black, to platinum, to green every week, but Khloe opted for a more subtle graduation to blonde that I hope will last longer than most of their hairstyles.


Best eyeshadow for your eye colour

Using a colour wheel, you can find out (or internet people can do it for you) which colours best compliment your eye colour. I am most familiar with the best colours for brown eyes (brown, olive green, purple), but this is a really helpful diagram courtesy of to help you figure out which colours will makes your eyes ‘pop’.


Some people say you cannot wear the same colour shadow as your eye colour, but this proves that wrong. Most places you look will recommend brown eyeshadow for brown eyes and blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. Again, I can only speak for brown eyes, but the purple thing is LEGIT. When wearing purple eyeshadow I have been asked if I was wearing coloured contacts. That only happened one time but I’m still pretty proud of it.

Usually gold is the most recommended colour for blue eyes, but I think blue eyes look really great with a grey smokey eye look. Even though its not in this diagram, I think brown eyeshadow really works with green eyes, too.

Basically, wear any colour you want, but if you want to make your eyes look a deeper brown, a brighter blue or a more dazzling green, follow this advice.