Which eyebrow shape best suits your face shape?

We all have one of 3 natural eyebrow shapes. The arch, the arc (like a semicircle) and the straight line. Unfortunately, we are not necessarily born with the eyebrow shape that best suits our face, so we have to shape them. It is such a pain trying to get my dead straight eyebrows to form some kind of arch. But straight eyebrows only make my square face look squarer. Check out this picture to see which eyebrow shape best suits your face.


Of course it’s no surprise that for most of them, the best eyebrow shape is the classic arch. It is a classic for a reason.

So unless you have a long or oval shaped face, arch it up.

Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper review

The Bobbi Brown Natural Brow shaper is a spooly and coloured gel that you brush over your brows to achieve fuller looking brows in seconds.

imageIt retails at £16.50 and in my opinion is well worth it.

If you want to enhance your brows but don’t want the whole ‘drawn on with a sharpie’ look, this is the perfect alternative for natural looking brows.

This is my ‘naked’ brow


And then this is my brow after one very quick sweep of the spooly.


It looks more filled in but without looking like there’s any makeup on it.

And that was only after a rushed application as I was heading out the door.

If you want a more precise defined look, you’d be better off with a pencil. But if you just want to enhance what you already have, I definitely recommend this product.

Best Celebrity Fringes 2014/15

Bangs are a great and easy way to update a tired hairstyle. Unfortunately, they don’t always work. Sometimes, however, you get lucky and your new fringe looks great. Here are some celebrities who got lucky and look great with a fringe.

Suki Waterhouse 




Even if it was just for a magazine shoot

Lake Bell


Taylor Swift 


Kerry Washington 


Olivia Pope forever ❤

And finally as of yesterday…



Zendaya’s hottest beauty looks

Zendaya is one of the coolest people on the planet hands down. Everything she does is just 👌🏼

And that includes her makeup. These are, in my opinion, her best looks.


Those brown smokey eyes with the matte brown lips and perfect eyebrows.


Pink lips with subtle brown eyeshadow and just a hint of pink blush.

imageThis red extravaganza with the ombré red lips and red and purple eyeshadow.

And lastly, my favourite…


No makeup.

Expiration dates on makeup

We all know what a bummer it is, when your makeup collection is worth thousands, and then some magazine reminds you that it will be out of date in 6 months and you should throw it all away and start over. That just isn’t going to happen. If I’ve spent money on an item of makeup, I’m going to use it until it runs out. However here is a list of makeup products and when you should stop using them.


Mascara: 2-3 months

Nail varnish: 1-2 years


Liquid foundation: 6-12 months

Perfume: 8-10 years


Lipstick: 2 years (1 year for lipgloss)

Lotion: 2 years


Eyeshadow and other powders: 2 years.

So what happens if you don’t obey these rules? Well with any product you use on your eyes, there is a greater risk of infection. With foundation, more breakouts. But if you take good care of your makeup, don’t share it, store it properly and clean your brushes regularly, you might be able to keep using it for longer. Use your good judgement, and if in doubt, don’t put it near your eyes.