Expiration dates on makeup

We all know what a bummer it is, when your makeup collection is worth thousands, and then some magazine reminds you that it will be out of date in 6 months and you should throw it all away and start over. That just isn’t going to happen. If I’ve spent money on an item of makeup, I’m going to use it until it runs out. However here is a list of makeup products and when you should stop using them.


Mascara: 2-3 months

Nail varnish: 1-2 years


Liquid foundation: 6-12 months

Perfume: 8-10 years


Lipstick: 2 years (1 year for lipgloss)

Lotion: 2 years


Eyeshadow and other powders: 2 years.

So what happens if you don’t obey these rules? Well with any product you use on your eyes, there is a greater risk of infection. With foundation, more breakouts. But if you take good care of your makeup, don’t share it, store it properly and clean your brushes regularly, you might be able to keep using it for longer. Use your good judgement, and if in doubt, don’t put it near your eyes.

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