Home remedies for bleaching facial hair


Deciding whether to bleach that ‘stache is a choice. You can just rock it Frida Kahlo style (one of my idols). But if you do choose to lighten your facial hairs, here’s a home remedy that is less powerful than bleaching, but much friendlier to your skin.


Lemon juice is natures bleach. Just mix lemon juice and honey to form a paste and apply to the area. Leave for 20 minutes before removing (unless you experience irritation).

According to livestrong.com, there are two other fruit based remedies that can also work.


Tomatoes, believe it or not, can lighten facial hair. You just have to rub a cut tomato half over the areas you want to bleach and then leave the juice on for 4 minutes before washing off.


And papayas. You can mix papaya pulp with milk to form a paste and then massage into the dark hairs for 10 minutes. After you have finished rubbing it in, leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Obviously, because these are all fruits that you can ingest, the bleaching effect is mild. You may have to repeat the process a few times for the lightest results. But it’s all safe to do because it’s food!

Good luck!


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