Covergirl has released an exclusive Star Wars themed makeup line to coincide with the build up to the new films release. Just like tickets for the movie, this makeup is selling out fast so it looks like you’ll have to be quick to get your paws on it.

The flawless Janelle Monae is one of the faces of this collection, if you needed more of a reason to love it.


The products consist of two mascaras ($6.85), 6 different shades of lipstick ($6.99) and 6 different nail polishes ($5.49).


They are marketing the collection as the Dark Side and the Rebel Alliance, however each different shade of lipstick and nail polish is made for 6 specific looks.


  • Stormtrooper (lipstick in Dark Purple)
  • Droid (lipstick in Gold)
  • Dark Apprentice (lipstick in Red and nail polish in Fury)
  • Mystic (lipstick in Lilac)
  • Chrome Captain (lipstick in Silver)
  • Jedi (lipstick in Nude and nail polish in Speed of Light)


This looks like a fun collection and because it is Covergirl, it is affordable.  If I were stateside I’d go out and bag some of it before it all sells out.




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