The secret anti ageing treatment that will cost you nothing

From the age of fifteen I noticed frown lines on my forehead that magically appeared over night. Every morning since then I have woken up to frown lines. It wasn’t till I was about 20 that I learnt why. Dehydration. The morning is when our skin is the most dehydrated because we’ve gone several hours without water. When our skin dries out it wrinkles, it flakes, it becomes tight and less supple. This is also what happens to our skin when we age. So to help our skin look younger, the secret is: WATER!


We’ve all been told a thousand times the benefits of drinking water, but as humans are inherently appearance oriented, we only take heed when it affects our looks. Well this is how drinking water affects your appearance. Drink it and look young.

In fact that’s not the only benefit water has for your skin. It can help prevent acne because it helps your kidneys do their best job at flushing out your toxins. Not to mention all the other health benefits of drinking water.


The most expensive face creams in the world will be useless if you cells are in need of water, and water is FREE. It’s a no brainier, really.

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