Cute things to do with short hair

Pixie cuts and bobs are all kinds of cute. They look great all on their own, without any styling or adornments. But if you do want to do something different with yours, you have almost as many options as those with longer hair.

You will need plenty of bobby pins and hairspray for the following.

First of all, you could pin it all up in a faux updo with bobby pins. Just tousle and curl it first and then twist and pin till you get the desired effect.


Faux-Hawks are another great look that is actually easier to achieve with short hair. Back comb and hairspray the top section and then pin it in place.

Try a simple side braid at the front.


If you don’t know how to French braid, follow this pictorial.


For a look that appears complicated but is actually incredibly simple, try either the double twist, or the triple twist.



Or finally, wrap your hair up in a gorgeous silk scarf!

With these ideas, you’ll have all your long-haired friends desperate for the chop.

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