The super easy way to remove glitter nail polish

Who doesn’t have glitter nail polish on, this time of year? Which means we will all have that same struggle when it comes to removing it. But never fear, the Internet is here.

My personal technique is to apply a base coat first that’s reaaaally easy to peel off. OPI make a base coat specifically for this purpose. It’s called Glitter Off and it’s £8.95. Apply any glitter nail polish on top of this and a couple of days later you will be able to just peel it off. It’s by far the easiest option.


Alternatively, you could take the long way round. You will need nail varnish remover, cotton balls, and tin foil.

Soak the cotton balls in nail varnish remover. Apply the ball to the nail and secure it by wrapping the top of the finger in tin foil. Do this on every finger. Then sit back and watch TV. After 10-15 minutes, unwrap your nail. The nail polish now should be much easier to budge. There is no trick to this, it’s just literally soaking your nails in chemicals.

Of course, you could just leave it till February when it will have all chipped off anyway. Very grunge.

But the take away message is, don’t let it’s difficulty to remove stop you from using fabulous glitter!


The Force Awakens Hair Tutorial

I have just seen The Force Awakens and I loved many things about it. The most spoiler free and beauty blog appropriate aspect was Rey’s hair. Remember, this is the same franchise that brought us the Leia buns so it’s not a surprise there’s another iconic look within the 7th instalment.


This look is incredibly simple. I have recreated a very rough version for you. First you need to pin back the very front section of your hair.


Then your hair will need to be separated into three sections. Take each section and tie it back into an easy loop bun. You can do this by just not pulling the ponytail all the way through.

Do do this for each section and leave two strands of hair free at the front in the ‘side burn’ area.

But for a much more comprehensive tutorial and a neater look, check out this video tutorial.

May the force be with you.

How to tie a scarf like Rosie the Riveter


Rosie the Riveter, whilst being a feminist icon for decades, is also a bit of a style icon. To get her practical bandana look is pretty simple, too. All you need is a scarf. You don’t even need hair.

If you do have hair, however, tie it up to start with. Fold your scarf into a triangle. The rest is better explained through pictures:

image(Pinterest) image(

Its fairly simple and it’s a very handy way to cover up a bad hair day.

What’s the deal with all this glitter?

Glitter is everywhere. Which is apt seeing as it gets everywhere when you use it. It was all over the ss16 catwalks and it will soon be all over our faces.

Eyeshadow, lip stickers, nail polish, highlighter, eyeliner. They can put it in anything.

These Glitter Lips (£12.50) have been around for a while.

But now would be the perfect time to cash in on this trend. Alternatively you can buy loose glitter and apply on top of lipstick/gloss with a q-tip. OCC have loose glitter for £9.50. This can be applied anywhere. Lime Crime have a Glitter Helper for £13.38 that works as a base for lose glitter, helping it stay in place. Use for improvising your own glitter eyeshadow.


For eyeliner I recommend Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy glitter eyeliner (£14).


It comes in six dazzling colours and is by far the simplest way to embrace this trend.

Nail varnishes have had glitter lines forever, however anyone who has ever used glitter nail polish knows that its almost easier to remove the whole nail than to remove glitter from them. So investing in some nail wraps or stick ons makes much more sense. For example, Elegant Touch’s Jelly Dazzle and Jelly Twinkle press on nails (£7.95)

By far the easiest way to glitter nails at home.

For some sparkle on your cheekbones, try one of the Mac pigments. The glitter pigment in Reflects Gold (£16) would be perfect for the Christmas party.


So go forth this Christmas season, or however long this glitter trend lasts, and shine!