The super easy way to remove glitter nail polish

Who doesn’t have glitter nail polish on, this time of year? Which means we will all have that same struggle when it comes to removing it. But never fear, the Internet is here.

My personal technique is to apply a base coat first that’s reaaaally easy to peel off. OPI make a base coat specifically for this purpose. It’s called Glitter Off and it’s £8.95. Apply any glitter nail polish on top of this and a couple of days later you will be able to just peel it off. It’s by far the easiest option.


Alternatively, you could take the long way round. You will need nail varnish remover, cotton balls, and tin foil.

Soak the cotton balls in nail varnish remover. Apply the ball to the nail and secure it by wrapping the top of the finger in tin foil. Do this on every finger. Then sit back and watch TV. After 10-15 minutes, unwrap your nail. The nail polish now should be much easier to budge. There is no trick to this, it’s just literally soaking your nails in chemicals.

Of course, you could just leave it till February when it will have all chipped off anyway. Very grunge.

But the take away message is, don’t let it’s difficulty to remove stop you from using fabulous glitter!


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