Easy Radience at & Other Stories

& Other Stories is one of my favourite shops in London right now. And not only do they have great clothes and jewellery, they also have a bath and beauty section stocked with all the goos you could ever need. Their self-rated no.1 product at the moment is the Twinkle Pearl Radience Cream


At £18.50 this highlighter can be used below, on top of or mixed in with your foundation. I personally always like to add a drop of highlighter to my foundation to achieve an all over glow.

This particular highlighter is dangerously shimmery. Seriously, the reflection might be seen from space. Use with caution when driving so as not to blind other drivers.

If you prefer a solid cream based highlighter, Stories have got you covered. They do a highlighter quad for £15 supplying you with all the shades you could ever need to turn your face into a mirror ball.

I recommend both these products, and they would also make great Mother’s Day gifts.