Half a Top Knot

Continuing the theme of 90s hairstyles that have come back in fashion, I present the half top knot:

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All the cool kids are doing it. It’s pretty simple too:

1. Brush your hair and take the top section of hair that you want to tie and brush out all the knots

2. Tie it into a ponytail

3. Like with the space buns, twist the ponytail and wrap it round the base. 

4. Secure with another tie and pin any unruly bits. 

It looks great on these cool kids, however whenever I try it, it looks really unflattering. I know the point of the hairstyle isn’t to look ‘pretty’ but sometimes a girl wants to. So for a much more flattering look, albeit less 90s and more 60s, just do steps 1 and 2. 



Less ‘trendy’ but way more flattering and pretty. 

Once you’ve followed steps 1 and 2, make sure the ponytail is secured high up with lots of volume and then just back comb the hell out of the rest of your hair for a classic pretty 60s look. Have a play around and see which style suits you best 🙂



Space Buns

I am so in love with the modern day revival of the 90s trend, Space Buns. 


I think they’re cute, youthful and a perfect solution to a bad hair day (of which I have plenty)

They’re also pretty easy to do on long or short hair. In fact they might actually be easier with short hair because that makes for smaller buns whereas with long hair if you don’t wrap them tight enough you could end up looking like Princess Leia

tumblr_mefcl5W9Rt1qfve95o1_r1_500Oh, Liz.

To achieve the look,

1. Part your hair in the middle and brush out all the knots till it is as smooth as your can get it.

2. Brush your hair into two high pigtails.

3. Twist the hair and wrap it round the base of the pigtail, where the hair band is.

4. To secure, tie with another hair band.

5. You can secure them even more by pinning the base and pinning down any bits of hair that are trying to unravel. 


Super cute. 

Go forth and have nineties fun.