One of my pet peeves is when the media gets hold of a trend and names it something completely cringe-worthy, as is the case with the ‘bronde’ trend. It is a ridiculous name for something very simple, that has been around since highlights. The word is a combination of ‘brown’ and ‘blonde’ and all it is is brown hair with very fine blonde highlights. Often painted on balayage style (freehand). It’s a very pretty effect.


This has been a trendy hair colour for a long time, but by giving it a stupid name the media has refocused our attention on it. Which isn’t a bad thing, despite the word ‘bronde’ being inflicted on us. It is actually a fairly low maintenance, yet super flattering look. It’s pretty cheap to get, because you probably only need to ask for a half-head of highlights. And it will only get more natural looking as it grows out, so you won’t need to keep going back and parting with hundreds of pounds.


So even though the name may make you cringe all the way down to your toes, it would actually make a great hairstyle for the summer. Or autumn. Or winter. Or spring.