Top 10 Beauty Hacks

A beauty hack is a time or money saving beauty tip, and there are plenty out there. Here is a list of my personal top 10:

1. Making lipstick out of Crayola


I did a post about this a while back, where I made my own lipsticks out of Crayola crayons. They weren’t the best quality lipsticks I’ve ever used but great if you need a really specific weird colour, say for halloween, that you will never use again and you don’t want to spend any money. Check out the link to see how it’s done. 

2. Use hairspray instead of setting spray to set your makeup.

This really shouldn’t be done…but I am not willing to spend £25 on a setting spray when a £4 bottle of hairspray will do an even better job. Just make sure you close your eyes when you spray and then walk to another part of the room when your finished so you don’t have to breath it in. It’s not good for your skin, but it will do in a pinch. 

3. Out of dry shampoo? Try talcum powder.

Dry shampoo is basically just talcum powder in an aerosol. So when you’re in between bottles talc will do the same job. Make sure you rub it in really well to absorb all the grease and you don’t have powder roots. Also dry shampoo works better when applied the night before. It gives it time to absorb the grease.

4. Baby Shampoo as brush cleaner.


I’ve mentioned this before, but baby shampoo can work really well for cleaning your brushes. Just see my previous post on how to use it.

5. Use Toothpaste to dry out spots

Any time I’ve gone to stay somewhere and forgotten my spot treatment, that’s when I am bound to breakout. If I can’t find any replacement I use something found in every household. Toothpaste. Just a tiny dab on each spot should dry it out and reduce redness when nothing else is available.

6. Use scotch tape to get the perfect eye makeup.


7. Make any lipstick matte with translucent powder.

After applying lipstick, put a single ply of tissue paper over your lips and brush over them with a translucent setting powder. This will mattify your lipstick and make it last longer. 

8. Make your eyelash curler into a heated eyelash curler. 

Put it in your bra while you’re getting ready, or blast it with a hair dryer before using it to give your lashes a longer lasting curl.

9. Use an old T shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair

Sometimes towel drying your hair can cause frizz and split ends. A t shirt will absorb the moisture without breaking or damaging the hair. Also if you use sunbeds, wrap a t shirt round your hair before using one to protect it from the heat. 

10.  If you’ve run out of your expensive mascara, try keeping the brush and using it in a normal drugstore brand formula. Often it is the brush design you are paying for, not the mascara itself so this will give you a similar effect while saving up for a new one. 

Happy hacking!


Great Budget Beauty Buys

I absolutely love the store ‘& Other Stories’. When I go there with my Mum she spends hours looking at the clothes and shoes, and I spend hours looking at the jewellery and makeup. It is the store with something for everyone. I went in the other day and found some great beauty buys that won’t break the bank.

photo 2 (23)

First up, this Concealer Quad (£12). It consists of 4 different skin tone colours designed to suit any concealing needs. However, it should be called a contour quad because that is what it does best. With 4 vastly varied cream colours, this can be used to highlight and contour a multitude of skin tones.

And speaking of contouring, they also have a Face Contour Cream for £10

photo 3 (16)

It looks very dark but with the right amount of blending (I recommend a Beauty Blender Sponge) you will be able to sculpt and define brand new cheek bones and a thinner nose.

And lastly, my favourite, is this much more affordable alternative to NARS’ Matte Multiple (albeit they aren’t matte)

photo 1 (24)

These Multi Tint Sticks (£10) can be used, as the name implies, a multitude of ways,. Cheeks, eyes, lips, whatever you want. They come in 6 colours ranging from the very light shimmery, to a deep bronze. And the best part is you could get 3 for the price of 1 NARS Matte Multiple.

I promise I am not on the & Other Stories pay roll in any way, I just really love this shop. If you can’t get to the store itself, try their website