Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial

There’s been a lot of speculation recently as to whether or not Kylie Jenner has had her lips done. Which would be slightly worrying seeing as she is only just 16. I don’t even think the Kardashians would let their youngest daughter have cosmetic intervention done while she is still a minor. Therefore I personally think she has just discovered the wonders of lip liner.

photo (2)

It’s the difference between a tween doing their own makeup (left) and having a makeup artist (right). By not wearing lipstick and even getting a bit of foundation on her lips, she has made her lips look thinner. But with a good lip liner, matte lipstick, and flattering photo angle, she has managed to get people all worried that she is having collagen. These are just the wonders of makeup!

I can show you how it is done.

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Start with bare, conditioned lips. If there is any excess product on them just blot them dry. If they have any traces of lip balm or concealer left on them, the liner will not go on so easily. Most people have a bigger bottom lip, the way to make your lips look Kylie Jenner plump is to over line the hell out of the top lip so it is the same size as the bottom.

Choose a dark nude lip liner. I am using a Lipstick Queen pencil in Natural (£18)

photo 1

I always start on the bottom lip and I over-line the very bottom part of the lip, just under the natural lip line. I then fill in the corners of my natural lips with the liner. If you don’t fill in the corners, your lips won’t meet.

For the top lip I only over-line the cupids bow, by drawing just above the natural lip line, and then I join this part up with my natural lip line for the sides. If you over-line the whole of your top lip it will look too obvious and clown like.

TIP: If you fill in the dip in your cupids bow slightly, it will give the appearance of collagen injected lips. I sometimes do this when I am wearing a pink or a lighter nude, for a bit of a plumped effect.

When you are happy with your lining, apply a dark nude matte liptick.

photo 2

I am using a Chanel lipstick from the Velvet Matte collection, no.33.

To make your lipstick last longer, and to further mattify them, take a tissue and peel the sheets apart. Apply one sheet over your lips and then brush over the tissue paper with a translucent setting powder.

Now you’re good to go!

photo 2 (1) photo 4


To finish off the look, fill in your brows giving them as much of an arch as possible. Apply some natural eyeshadow into the outer corners of the lid, and a bit along the crease. Use some of the eyeshadow left on your brush to line under the lower lash line and then apply lots and lots of mascara. Use a white pencil for the lower water line, and a small amount of Kohl eyeliner for the top lid, only enough to make it look like the lashes are more full. Not enough to notice the line.

And that’s how to do the Kylie Jenner look. Say what you will about that family, but you can’t fault their makeup artists.




This isn’t a foundation, It’s a miracle

The Chanel Les Beiges collection launched on the 5th May, first of all with their powder and then later on introducing their All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid. Which I can tell you, is a miracle. It would be my miracle product of the month but it’s not the middle of the month yet, but it is the most exciting beauty product to be released this year (for me).

It isn’t a foundation. It’s not a moisturiser. It’s not even somewhere in between. It’s a completely new type of product which you apply like a foundation or a primer, and it wears like air.

photo 1

photo 2

The perfect product for summer, it doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable on the skin. It comes in 6 shades: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. But because it is so sheer you don’t need to worry too much about getting the exact right match.

This product isn’t about coverage. If you are looking for coverage this isn’t for you. But what it does do is makes you look like you have naturally flawless, glowy skin without looking like you’re wearing makeup. It’s the perfect middle ground for summer, when you don’t want to wear a full blown foundation, but you feel you need something. It contains SPF 15 and hyaluronic acid for hydration and comfort, with a bit of plumping.

To show you what it looks like on, this is me wearing the fluid in No.20 with no other makeup on:

photo 3

photo 4

It covers up my scars just enough but doesn’t look obvious, plus it gives me a glow which you all know I love!

It is priced at £34 which is a lot but I think it is worth it. Let me know what you think.

photo 5

I’m going to Italy tomorrow for a week, so I won’t be posting till I get back. Where I’m staying is in the mountains in the middle of nowhere so no wifi. But wait till you see my tan! Have a great week, dolls x