Would you print your own makeup?

Harvard graduate, Grace Choi, has come up with a way of getting any colour eyeshadow you could possibly want, instantly in your own home.


The Mink 3D Printer uses FDA approved ingredients found in most popular brands. You can use a picture from a phone or computer to send to the printer to recreate. Although it only works with pressed powders currently, Choi is aiming to make it able to create creams, lipsticks and glosses. She claims:  “It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable colour cosmetic, turning any phone, laptop or camera into an endless beauty aisle”. 

The printer is aimed at 13-21 year olds who haven’t developed a particular brand loyalty yet and also may not be able to afford to buy hundreds of different colour eyeshadows, yet like to experiment with colours. It would retail at around £120 ($200) which isn’t bad for your own 3D printer and I can see it being a good Christmas present for teens.

However I don’t think I would buy it myself. I prefer makeup made by professionals with the highest quality pigments and large budgets for research. The risk with making your own makeup is it might look like you made your own makeup. Although I can see this being very handy for recreating a dupe of your favourite discontinued lipstick.

For more information, watch Choi explain it herself:



Spring 2014 Beauty Highlights: What to look forward to

As the 1st of March brought us sun and daffodils, it also brought the best of the new beauty spring collections. I love this time of year because everyone is so happy to see daylight and us beauty nerds can look forward to wearing colour again and getting our skin ready for summer. One of my favourite releases with this spring is the new YSL Gloss Volupte (£21). Their Rouge Volupte has always been a staple of theirs and this new collection of lip glosses brings us some beautiful new colours for spring, and the recognition that gloss is BACK. 



I particularly love the orange shades because as we saw at the various fashion weeks, orange is the lip colour to wear this spring. 

The next big product on everyone’s lips (and eyes) is the new NARSissist eye palette from, obviously, NARS. This palette of 15 classic NARS shadows is not yet available in the UK but you can buy it from Sephora at $79 and they will ship to the UK for a flat rate of $10 for all orders over $75. You can convert to GBP at the checkout. 



Nordstrom also carry this product for £49.97 in GBP and they will also ship to the UK. However there is always an international shipping tax. 

For a colour blast Urban Decay’s new Electric palette looks In. Sane. (in a good way)


The US release date is the 18th of March, no UK release date as of yet. This palette features Chaos, one of my favourite all time shadows. This is definitely going to be on my list. I am excited to see colour in makeup back in fashion again. Because makeup should be fun! 

So those are my ‘to watch’ products for spring. Watch this space for more spring trends. And enjoy the sun!