The Battle for the Lip Product of the Summer

Two brand new hero lip products have just been released for summer. Dior Addict Fluid Stick (£26) and the Bobbi Brown Art Stick (£19)

In the battle for the hero lip product of the summer it’s Dior vs Bobbi. 

The Dior Addict Fluid Stick applies like a gloss and lasts like a lipstick. 


There is a wide range of fun summery colours and it lasts really well. My favourite is 219 which is a gorgeous nude but they also have this seasons must have orange, a bright pink and purple. 

Then there’s the Bobbi Brown Art Stick.



Chunky pen lipsticks were a big trend last summer and the gimmick was very exciting, but to release this a year later and still want the same hype is a bit naive in my opinion. This liner-meet- lipstick is available in 8 colours exclusively for Selfridges, so yes you have to either buy from the Selfridges website and brave their not so good delivery, or trek to your nearest Selfridges store. I am not sure why this was released now and not in the winter as they are all very wintery dark colours. None are really that fun. The pigment is strong and they have a nice sheer look but I was disappointed. However at £19 they’re not too expensive (relatively). 

So for me the winner is Dior!