Makeup at LFW

The makeup at LFW this year was sponsered by Mac. So why did it look so bad?? In general, I’m not really into high fashion makeup because it never looks good, but this was some next level awfulness. Someone should teach these girls how to beat a face. For example:

Imagethis? might as well not be wearing any.

Imageerm, it’s called a blending brush. use one.

Imageso nothing on the lips then and just some bruise coloured shadow on the brow bone? k.

Imagepretty sure I did this look on myself when I was 5.

srsly guys, what’s the t? you’re mac! you are meant to be makeup gods. People look up to you! I understand if the designers want it to look a specific way but you could at least apply it with skill. Next year they wanna get some drag queens back there doing the makeup cause those girls can beat a face.

On a more positive note however, I did enjoy THIS