How to find the perfect glasses for your face shape

As you know, I wear glasses almost 24/7. It’s not a fashion statement. As Millhouse would say “I need them to see!”. I’ve been shopping round for some new frames recently because my current ones are the most expensive things I own and I wear them all day and I’m constantly worried about breaking them. During my research I came across this very helpful video by one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Michelle Phan, explaining how to make sure you find the right frames to suit your face shape.



Behind the Lense: A call for glasses on the red carpet!

Call me biased, but I think glasses deserve a more prominent place in the mainstream, and in beauty. As someone who is short-sighted, I understand the sacrifice of vision for beauty. I can’t wear contacts because my eyes are very dry and after about 20 minutes it feels like I have shards of glass digging into my eyes everytime I blink. Whenever I have worn contacts on a night out I have had to come home early, just to take them out. Or take them out in the club bathroom and throw them away even though they’re monthlies, not dailies. Therefore my only choices are wearing my glasses, which I happen to love, or going blind. Which has it’s own perils. 

Glasses did have a moment in the sun recently, thanks to hipsters, and people even bought fake glasses just to follow this trend. That was a good time for us four-eyes. But no matter how fashionable they are, stars are still shedding their frames in favour for contacts on the red carpet. This is disappointing, and I want to call all glasses wearers who don’t like contacts to wear your pair with pride!

I personally think I look better with my glasses on! They make my nose look smaller and you can’t see fully how red and tired my eyes look. Plus not forgetting how much my cats like to rub their faces on them. 

photo (2)

From a makeup artist’s point of view, I understand how you would want everyone to be able to see the work you’ve put in on your own or your client’s eyes. But some glasses add extra framing to the eyes and make them stand out even more. If you are going to a formal do, don’t be afraid to just wear your glasses! It’s way more attractive than squinting all night anyway. And these celebs look great in theirs:

photo 1 photo 4

The amazing Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t afraid to wear hers on a red carpet.

photo 2 (1)

Neither is Christina Hendricks, albeit at a Specsavers event..

photo 3

Pure glamour on Meryl Streep

photo 4

Anne Hathaway looks even BETTER in her pair.


photo 2

And my favourite glasses wearer – Tina Fey. 

I am honoured to be part of this group and I look forward to seeing a further rise of glasses in the beauty world soon.