Another Hair Chalk Review or How To Get Kylie Jenner Hair

So I’ve tried a good few hair chalks in my time. I like that they offer you the opportunity to experiment with colour without the commitment. Because I don’t like commitment.

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These guys are designed for more precise decoration.

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As you can see, I got some chalk on my jumper. Thats why you wear a towel when you’re applying it! These are way better than the Superdrug Spray chalk and even better value than the Kevin Murphy colour bomb at £7.50 for two different colours. So try the Hair Artist Hair Chalks for a bit of extra colour in your life. Do the whole Kylie Jenner thing.


Hair Chalk Spray Review

As you may remember from this post, I love hair chalk. I’m a huge commitment phobe so I like to be able to mess around with different colours and then be able to wash them out. I recently bought Superdrug’s own brand Spray on Hair Chalk (£2.99)

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Its a very good price, but the reason is it is only for one use. The can is pretty small and it ran out before I’d even finish using it. Hardly got any blue hair out of it! 😦

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Obviously this particular product is meant just for one use but there wasn’t enough in there to give me blue tips, so if you have long hair or thick hair you will need at least two cans. Also don’t forget to put a towel round your shoulders before you spray it, and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. You don’t want a blue hair chalk coating the inside of your lungs.

How to Become a Mermaid in 30 seconds (Hair Chalk Review)


Ariel and Azalea Banks aren’t the only girls who can work the mermaid hair look. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t want to be a mermaid, AND NOW YOU CAN BE! Hair Chalk is relatively new to the (mainstream) beauty market and it is only going to get bigger. Having the ability to transform your hair in seconds with no mess and no commitment is something we like.

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I have just purchased the Kevin Murphy Color [sic] Bug (£14) available at Beauty Mart and now I look like I’ve just been to Bleach in Dalston. I bought the pink one (obviously) and used it on my ends for a dip dye look, and also because my ends are blonde and it shows up much better on blonde hair. In fact if you have blonde or bleached hair this will take much easier to your hair so just bear that in mind if you have work the next day and are hoping to just brush it out. Also if applied to wet blonde hair it will last for a few days. I haven’t personally tried this yet so I’d approach with caution with trying this because it might not work or it will work rather too well and you will also have bright pink hands. The packaging on this particular brand recommends placing a towel on your shoulders before applying to catch excess chalk and also to use latex gloves. This is a good idea, although I did not use gloves and the chalk washed right off. My top is now slightly pink though, so I would definitely recommend the towel and shaking out any further excess before hitting the town. Or sofa.

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Overall, Hair Chalk = big yes from me. Just be careful with your clothes and parents’ furniture. Have fun!