Buffy’s best hairstyles

Over the seven series’ of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy has had a lot of different hairstyles. Some real winners, others…not so much. Below are some of my favourite Buffy ‘dos.


After the dud hair of season 1, Buffy returns to Sunnydale High from her vacation in LA with a cute new cut and some light blonde highlights. Looking pretty good, especially considering she’s still battling her demons (pardon the pun) about her fight with the Master.


Still in season 2, Buffy’s hair looks super hot in episode 16 while she’s trying to seduce Xander. The ash blonde highlights compliment her southern California tan perfectly.


During the Prom episode of Series 3, Buffy looks gorgeous when she finally makes it to her prom. The simple half up/half down look is flattering and simple, yet still elegant.


Season 4, whilst being the worst season, may be the best season in terms of Buffy’s hair. It so long and blonde, completely California Cool. Later on she has long-ish hair but its never as long, or as light. For example, the next hairstyle:


This auburny shade of blonde is gorgeous, and to be fair her hair looks in a much better condition without the bleach. Buffy’s hair is so on point during this episode (the Dracula one).

My last favourite Buffy hairstyle is in Season 6 when she cuts her hair


SUPER CUTE! Just goes to show, the slayer can pull of both long and short hair.

Some honourable mentions must be given to these other character’s styles:


Evil Willow’s black shoulder length bob


And Cordelia’s hair, always.