Bizarre celebrity hair hacks

Laundry detergent? Ketchup? Coca cola? Believe it or not these are all products celebrities have used on their hair.

Huffington Post just posted this article about 5 celebrity hair hacks that are questionable to say the least.

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Would you ever try any of these?


20 Hair Straightener Hacks

As you know from my recent Hair Growth article, I don’t use heated products on my hair and don’t recommend them if you are trying to grow your hair. However, if you aren’t on a mission of hair growth, you can have a lot of fun with heat.

Here are 20 Hair Straightener Hacks to inspire you to get creative with your hair:

Remember, when using any heated appliance on your hair, always protect it first.

Cute Short Hairstyles

If you were reading my previous post about hair growth and thinking “what if we don’t want to grow our hair? Short hair is cute too!” then you are absolutely right. In fact short hair is incredibly in fashion right now with lots of celebs opting for shorter looks. Here are some of my favourite short hairstyles:

The Long Bob

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (2)

This is the look of the moment. The grown-out bob. Its easy to achieve, low maintenance, and it looks great. If you are just experimenting with going short, this would be a great way to transition.

The Classic Bob

photo 1 (4)

This is your standard bob. A classic for a reason, this hairstyle is versatile and youthful. Slightly more work to style than the long bob, though.

The Pixie Crop

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (4)

J Law and Kaley Cuoco both went full pixie earlier this year and it WORKED! I love Penny’s new hair and think it suits her personality much more. Its edgy and untraditional, just like these two. It is a lot of maintenance to style, and it usually only works with delicate elfin features (that definitely rules me out) but if you can carry it off, its worth it.

Over the winter you may be wanting to keep as much of your hair as possible, for warmth, but these are great ‘do’s’ to try when it starts to get warmer. Flowing locks aren’t your only option.

Natural Hair Care: Hair Porosity

Aloe Vera is amazing for your hair. I helps stimulate growth, it treats the scalp, it conditions the hair making it soft and silky and controls frizz by smoothing the hair cuticle. So why then, when I used it, did it make my hair dry and brittle as straw? Apparently, it is because I have low porosity hair and I didn’t even know about it. 

Hair porosity is basically like how many gaps there are in your hair. This picture explains it better: 




It effects how well moisture can penetrate the hair shaft. Very porous hair absorbs all the moisture not leaving anything behind whereas on low porosity hair it will just sit on the strand unable to get in. Essentially high porosity hair is not healthy hair. And low porosity hair already has all the health and goodness it needs. This is why I was so surprised to find out I had lo-po hair because I always thought my hair was incredibly porous. Probably because when I used to get it bleached every 6 weeks my hair dresser never used toner because of how porous my hair was. But my hair must have repaired itself and all the care I’ve been taking must have payed off because it seems now my hair is healthy and no longer porous. 

An easy was to tell how porous your hair is is by placing a single hair strand in a glass of water. If it sinks quickly it is porous. It has absorbed all that water quickly which weighs it down causing it to sink. Therefore if it takes a long time to sink or just floats at the top it is low porosity. Or you could run your fingers up a strand of your hair towards the scalp and if you feel a lot of bumps it is highly porous. If it feels smooth, it is not porous. 


So with that all being said, what does this mean for my hair? And why does it not like Aloe Vera? Basically because aloe vera smooths cuticles and mine are already smooth, it’s redundant. Why this leaves my hair dry and brittle, I don’t know. There is also a school of thought about protein sensitivity in hair which is that some hair is already full of protein so rejects any more protein you apply to the hair which leaves it dull and dry. Some people vouch this is true for them, others claim protein sensitivity is a myth.

So how do you look after lo-po hair? 

Basically, if you have lo-po hair you are kind of blessed and don’t need to do much to it. However if it is really dry and you want your hair cuticles to open up to take in the moisture from a treatment you are using, you can always use SAFE heat. For example, heating the product (oil, conditioning treatment) before applying it. You can also sit under a hair dryer while your hair is safely protected under a shower cap which will help the moisture penetrate the hair shaft. However because I avoid ANY heat on my hair (I even wrap it up when I’m sunbathing) I will not be doing this. I am too chicken. Another way to get your hair to accept the moisture from the product is only to use a tiny amount of it. I have been doing Coconut Oil pre-poo treatments (pre-poo meaning before you wash your hair) and leaving the coconut oil in my hair overnight. It worked beautifully the first time, however the last time I did it my hair felt really dry when I was washing it out. This could be because I used too much and next time I should use only the smallest amount. I am going to keep trying to see if I can get the amount right, because coconut oil has SO many benefits for hair. 


Please let me know any experiences you have had, good or bad, with hair porosity, aloe vera, coconut oil, anything! I would love to know about other hair experiences. 

How to Become a Mermaid in 30 seconds (Hair Chalk Review)


Ariel and Azalea Banks aren’t the only girls who can work the mermaid hair look. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t want to be a mermaid, AND NOW YOU CAN BE! Hair Chalk is relatively new to the (mainstream) beauty market and it is only going to get bigger. Having the ability to transform your hair in seconds with no mess and no commitment is something we like.

photo 2

I have just purchased the Kevin Murphy Color [sic] Bug (£14) available at Beauty Mart and now I look like I’ve just been to Bleach in Dalston. I bought the pink one (obviously) and used it on my ends for a dip dye look, and also because my ends are blonde and it shows up much better on blonde hair. In fact if you have blonde or bleached hair this will take much easier to your hair so just bear that in mind if you have work the next day and are hoping to just brush it out. Also if applied to wet blonde hair it will last for a few days. I haven’t personally tried this yet so I’d approach with caution with trying this because it might not work or it will work rather too well and you will also have bright pink hands. The packaging on this particular brand recommends placing a towel on your shoulders before applying to catch excess chalk and also to use latex gloves. This is a good idea, although I did not use gloves and the chalk washed right off. My top is now slightly pink though, so I would definitely recommend the towel and shaking out any further excess before hitting the town. Or sofa.

photo 1

Overall, Hair Chalk = big yes from me. Just be careful with your clothes and parents’ furniture. Have fun!