Best eyeshadow for your eye colour

Using a colour wheel, you can find out (or internet people can do it for you) which colours best compliment your eye colour. I am most familiar with the best colours for brown eyes (brown, olive green, purple), but this is a really helpful diagram courtesy of to help you figure out which colours will makes your eyes ‘pop’.


Some people say you cannot wear the same colour shadow as your eye colour, but this proves that wrong. Most places you look will recommend brown eyeshadow for brown eyes and blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. Again, I can only speak for brown eyes, but the purple thing is LEGIT. When wearing purple eyeshadow I have been asked if I was wearing coloured contacts. That only happened one time but I’m still pretty proud of it.

Usually gold is the most recommended colour for blue eyes, but I think blue eyes look really great with a grey smokey eye look. Even though its not in this diagram, I think brown eyeshadow really works with green eyes, too.

Basically, wear any colour you want, but if you want to make your eyes look a deeper brown, a brighter blue or a more dazzling green, follow this advice.




My top 5 vintage beauty icons

Who do you think of when you think of beauty icons from the past? These five women are often revered for their icon status, as pioneering women of beauty, hair and makeup. But I am interested if there is anyone less well known that you think deserves a mention.

This is my top 5:

Obviously, Marilyn



Those arched brows with the winged liner and red lips.

Jayne Mansfield


Following the trend Marilyn started for the glamorous blonde, Mansfield made it far more interesting with her beautiful tanned skin and brown eyes.

Veronica Lake


These waves have been imitated  for 70 years.

Sophia Loren


This insanely beautiful woman knew eyeliner and lipliner like nobody else.

Brigitte Bardot


Obviously influenced by Loren, Bardot is the universal symbol of 60s glamour. Matte nude lips, a ton of eye liner and big hair has been a fail safe beauty look ever since.

Who do you think of when you think of vintage beauty?

Best Makeup Looks from SDCC 2015

Comic-con is a great place to see cosplay at its best. Some of these looks take hours of intricate makeup and special effects skills. These are some of the best makeup looks I’ve seen from this years San Diego Comic-con.


Zombies are a popular theme and it takes a lot of special effects makeup skill to make zombies this scary.


This Mad Max family probably took a lot more than some talcum powder to create this look.


Mystique doesn’t need any help with her makeup.

And somebody actually went as Lorne from Angel!


Deathwok Clan makeup perfection. This fan would fit in perfectly in Pylea.

These Chewie’s Angels are everything


The time that went into that.

Then there’s this guy, who with the help of body makeup, prosthetics and a mask has transformed himself


This drag Joker has the best makeup I’ve ever seen on a villain


And there’s nothing like some body paint contouring to turn you into she-hulk



One of my pet peeves is when the media gets hold of a trend and names it something completely cringe-worthy, as is the case with the ‘bronde’ trend. It is a ridiculous name for something very simple, that has been around since highlights. The word is a combination of ‘brown’ and ‘blonde’ and all it is is brown hair with very fine blonde highlights. Often painted on balayage style (freehand). It’s a very pretty effect.


This has been a trendy hair colour for a long time, but by giving it a stupid name the media has refocused our attention on it. Which isn’t a bad thing, despite the word ‘bronde’ being inflicted on us. It is actually a fairly low maintenance, yet super flattering look. It’s pretty cheap to get, because you probably only need to ask for a half-head of highlights. And it will only get more natural looking as it grows out, so you won’t need to keep going back and parting with hundreds of pounds.


So even though the name may make you cringe all the way down to your toes, it would actually make a great hairstyle for the summer. Or autumn. Or winter. Or spring.

5 Festival Beauty Must-Haves

If you’re headed to a festival this summer, your easiest bet is to go makeup free and shave your head. But lets be realistic. Just because thats easiest, doesn’t mean thats what you’re going to do. The ‘festival’ look is pretty easy to achieve, as it is essentially being unwashed but with flowers in your hair.

The first thing you will need, and this would be the most important for me, is dry shampoo. This way you don’t have to worry about tackling the shower situation.


Batiste does the best value dry shampoo out there and it will keep your hair looking fresh and clean. My hair gets greasy about 16 hours after washing it, so I wouldn’t go anywhere without plenty of Batiste.

Secondly, without showers it may be hard to keep your pores nice and unblocked. Decent face wipes will substitute for a sink and some cleanser. Some face wipes just move the dirt around but these ones will remove any dirt and makeup left on your face after a long day of festival fun.


These cleansing pads are £17 which is a lot for a face wipe but they will look after your skin. Alternatively, everybody’s favourite Simple wipes are a good cheap alternative.


In terms of makeup, you want durability. A decent waterproof mascara that to don’t have to reapply too often will do the trick.


Everyone’s favourite, this mascara is a staple among makeup artists and celebrities. And it retails at around £4.99, or £3.49 which is the current sale price on

You can also use misdirection to distract others from the state of your ‘3rd day in’ festival hair and makeup with these gold temporary tattoos:


These are not only shiny and distracting, but they will also look great with a tan. You can get these almost anywhere, but has some for £8:



No one will notice you’ve been wearing the same mascara for three days with these babies all over your body.

Finally, no festival look is complete without fake flowers.


These hair grips are £12 from Asos. With these decorating your hair, you will no doubt look the part. And at the end of the day, everyone will be having too much fun to notice anyone else’s hair and makeup situation. The great thing about festivals is you’re all in the same boat. The most important thing is to have fun (and keep your valuables on you at all times).

Happy Star Wars Day!

In honour of Star Wars day, I thought I’d bring you a Princess Leia hair tutorial!


Most of the tutorials involve sock buns, unless you have one of those fancy hair donuts. Here is the easiest and most straight forward video I could find.

Courtesy of

If you don’t have a hair donut, you will have to sacrifice two socks, but it is definitely the easiest way to get the look.

I tried it out myself…


Help me, Obi Wan! Didn’t go quite so seamlessly for me because I am rubbish at sock buns, but you can tell who I’m supposed to be. Probably.

Good luck, and May the Force be with you.

Video: A history of makeup

Buzzfeed made a video recreating various popular makeup looks from throughout history. It’s pretty enlightening.

Check out the article here

It really makes you think about how beauty standards change with time. You can also check out the article I wrote about the subject a while ago here.

How to get a super volumous ponytail

This little trick with turn your ponytail from puny to Arianna Grande in moments. And it doesn’t involve any hairpieces.

Pull the top two thirds of your hair into a ponytail, leaving the bottom third of your hair loose.

Then brush that bottom section of hair up into a second ponytail just underneath the first. Don’t worry, the hair in the top ponytail will cover it.

What you’re left with is a super thick looking ponytail.


You’re welcome.

Go grey!

Dyed grey hair may already be popular among the cool kids, but women over 40 seem to be reluctant to let their hair turn grey naturally. But hipsters have already proved grey hair looks great, so why don’t we embrace it when it happens naturally? In a society obsessed with youth, we reject any sign of ageing. But grey hair in men looks refined and very ‘Clooney’. There’s no reason why we should think it can’t look great on older women, except that society has programmed us to think that. In order to sell hair dye. ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY.

These pictures

should dispel any theories that grey hair can’t look great on older women:



Werk, Miranda Priestly


How to become a mermaid overnight

You will have done this when you were little, but maybe you’ve forgotten about this super neat trick to get mermaid waves over night.

Wash or dampen your hair then braid it however you like. For loose waves, just a couple of braids. But for a more crimped look, try lots of braids. Then go to bed, wake up the next morning, take out your braids and enjoy your new mermaid look.


If you haven’t got 12 hours, just braid your hair and then run over the braids with a straightner!