Kylie Jenner reveals secret to her full lips

Girls: stop doing crazy diy things to your lips to try and get the Kylie Jenner look! It’s officially been revealed that Kylie had her lips done so no amount of lip liner is going to get you the Kylie Jenner look.


In this clip from KKUTK, Khloe Kardashian reveals that Kylie had her lips ‘plumped’. Then in a later clip, Kylie herself confesses to having fillers.

So now we know. I am very saddened by this news. The fact that a child (she was 16 when her lips tripled in size) would feel that she had to have injections in her lips to achieve a beauty ideal is incredibly disturbing and reflects the pressure on young girls to be sexual objects. Poor Kylie. She was perfect as she was and I hope she will receive nothing but support from the public.


Does the shot glass lip plumper really work?

Recently people have started doing something crazy. In order to get fuller looking lips, girls and boys have been suctioning their lips with a shot glass. It is bizarre. Not only does it look ridiculous, but the science behind it is bonkers. Pulling your lips into a vacuum is going to make your lips bigger for all of five seconds. It like thinking that stretching your lips with your hands is going to make them bigger.

But I tried it anyway just to prove my theory.

Here are my lips before:

FullSizeRender (4)

I then got a shot glass and placed is over my lips and sucked until my lips were pulled into the glass. I kept it on for about 30 seconds and this was the result:

FullSizeRender (5)

For a full five seconds, my lips looked plumper. Then they went back to their normal shape and I was left with a red ring all around the bottom half of my face.

Come on, guys. Are we really that desperate to have fuller looking lips? Why can’t we be happy with what we’ve got, or use makeup to make them look bigger like everybody else.

Getting punched in the mouth will also make your lips look bigger. Or sticking the suction end of the hoover on them. But we’re not going to start doing those things just for beauty, are we? At least, I hope not…

If you have thin lips and you don’t like them, try the old fashioned techniques. Lip liner, staying away from dark lipsticks, and playing up your eyes. Or learn to love them. The Kylie Jenner phenomenon has made it seem like everyone is obsessed with lips but in the real world, nobody cares. Websites like TMZ just don’t have anything better to write about.

So please, boys and girls, do not think for a second you need to suction a shot glass to your lips. It doesn’t work and you’re beautiful the way you are.

The ULTIMATE Kylie Jenner lip tutorial

So I did one of these a while ago, but I have to say that this is the ultimate Kylie Jenner lip tutorial:

Jenna absolutely nails it. Watch it. Its hilarious.

My favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus

I don’t watch many makeup videos on YouTube tbh, but when I do, its one of these guys.

First up is my girl Camila Coelho. Her English channel is MakeUpByCamila2. She is Brazilian so most of her videos are in Portuguese but she does separate ones for her English speaking fans. My favourite of her tutorials is the Valentine’s Day look


Next is Huda Kattan. A beauty blogger based in Dubai who posts killer makeup and beauty tips. My favourite video is her Lipliner Tutorial where she goes over the basics any girl needs if she want to learn the secrets of overlining (alla Kylie Jenner)


I learnt most of my makeup skills from drag queens, so its no surprise that my favourite makeup tutorials are by drag queens such as Vivienne Pinay, Miss Fame and Fendi Laken


Of course, if you aren’t a drag queen you can skip a lot of the stages in the videos, and you don’t have to be as exaggerated with your makeup, but they are a really good source of tips and inspiration.

Happy YouTubing!