Over-Hyped and Over-Rated: The Baby Lips Story

Maybelline released their Baby Lips line of lip balms last year. The hype was unbelievable. Apparently some places were selling out. They were purported to provide 8 hours of moisture, while giving a hint of colour and an irresistable flavour, all at only £2.99. Well I can’t argue that that is certainly a good price. And all the bloggers were talking about them, so of course I bought one. The pink one. I replaced my standard cocoa butter vaseline with it and at first there were no problems. But then after about 2 days my lips started to get really dry and cracked. I had to use more of the product, which just made it worse. It was the Baby Lips that was drying my lips out! I stopped using it and I upgraded to Carmex which I only need to apply once every 24 hours.


But then a couple of weeks ago, I was in Boots and I wondered if I had been too quick to judge Baby Lips. I believe in trying everything twice, and the new Baby Skin line was out so I wanted to get on board with this whole range. I bought the cherry Baby Lips and, like before, at first I loved it. I really loved the colour and it seemed to leave my lips always cherry red, even when it had worn off. I went on holiday taking my Baby Lips as my only lip balm, and boy did I regret it. Once again, my lips chapped and dried out to the point where smiling was painful. I don’t have a cold and it was lovely sunny weather. What the hell, Baby Lips? The people that use this product regularly must have never known a good lip balm if they think this is hydrating. Some lip balms actually dry out your lips to make you keep applying more of the product. I believe this is one of those. Cosmetic companies pack in too many chemicals in order to give you that fancy colour and fragrance, but these are terrible for our lips. It’s why lipstick is drying. You would be better off constantly applying Mac’s Ruby Woo. From now on I will be sticking with my good old trusty Carmex.