Over-Hyped and Over-Rated: The Baby Lips Story

Maybelline released their Baby Lips line of lip balms last year. The hype was unbelievable. Apparently some places were selling out. They were purported to provide 8 hours of moisture, while giving a hint of colour and an irresistable flavour, all at only £2.99. Well I can’t argue that that is certainly a good price. And all the bloggers were talking about them, so of course I bought one. The pink one. I replaced my standard cocoa butter vaseline with it and at first there were no problems. But then after about 2 days my lips started to get really dry and cracked. I had to use more of the product, which just made it worse. It was the Baby Lips that was drying my lips out! I stopped using it and I upgraded to Carmex which I only need to apply once every 24 hours.


But then a couple of weeks ago, I was in Boots and I wondered if I had been too quick to judge Baby Lips. I believe in trying everything twice, and the new Baby Skin line was out so I wanted to get on board with this whole range. I bought the cherry Baby Lips and, like before, at first I loved it. I really loved the colour and it seemed to leave my lips always cherry red, even when it had worn off. I went on holiday taking my Baby Lips as my only lip balm, and boy did I regret it. Once again, my lips chapped and dried out to the point where smiling was painful. I don’t have a cold and it was lovely sunny weather. What the hell, Baby Lips? The people that use this product regularly must have never known a good lip balm if they think this is hydrating. Some lip balms actually dry out your lips to make you keep applying more of the product. I believe this is one of those. Cosmetic companies pack in too many chemicals in order to give you that fancy colour and fragrance, but these are terrible for our lips. It’s why lipstick is drying. You would be better off constantly applying Mac’s Ruby Woo. From now on I will be sticking with my good old trusty Carmex.


Spotlight on Flint+Flint: A new hero brand!

Flint+Flint is an exciting new beauty brand, home grown right here in the UK. Skincare experts, Adam and Maxine, developed the brand after finding that none of the skincare products available on the market really did what they promised. They set out to make their own brand that really works, and developed entirely in the UK.

These are some of my favourite of their products, all available on their website

The Everyday Wash £27

photo 2 (2)How nice is the packaging, as well?


Sometimes washing your face can seem like a bit of a chore, but with the right cleanser it can be my favourite part of the day. I love that feeling of clean scrubbed skin. This cleanser contains glycolic acid which I swear by for healing and renewing the skin. And unlike other glycolic cleansers I’ve used, this one actually smells nice! One of the other active ingredients in this cleanser is something called Vital ET which a form of vitamin E that has anti-erythemal (anti-redness) and anti-inflammatory properties. After using this cleanser I did notice my skin redness seemed reduced.

The Lip Hero £12

photo 1 (2)

I am so excited about this product. Not only does this balm plump and volumise, it also improves the shape of your lips, making the outline clearer and is supposed to even have an anti-ageing effect. I didn’t know a product could do this! I will monitor it’s effects over the next few weeks and keep you posted about my lip condition. It has a gloss like feel to it going on to the lips and a rose scent. At £12 it’s a no brainer.

For my american readers, they do ship internationally (yay!). I suspect big things for this brand, so snap these products up while you can!


Clinique Haul

Clinique have currently got some great products on the go, some new and some classic. After a recent splurge there, I thought I’d share with you some of the great products I copped that I’m really excited about. 

Firstly, their High Impact Curling Mascara in Black

photo 2

After a recent post about my favourite mascaras a friend told me Clinique mascara was her favourite. I had never tried any Clinique makeup before, but now I have tried this mascara I think I am a convert. I just tried it without curling my eyelashes and the specially designed wand really gripped the natural curve of my lash line so they looked great after one coat. 

The most exciting product of this haul is the Almost Lipstick

photo 3

It looks scary but it doesn’t actually appear on the lips as that colour. It is very sheer and is designed to enhance your natural lip colour. To quote clinique “When pure pigment merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips, you’ve met your match” . This product looks different on everyone, so it really gives you your own unique colour. 

photo 1(Top: Clinique Curling Mascara. Bottom: Almost Lipstick)

I also got a powder blush in the colour ‘aglow’. It is peach toned so now that my tan is fading it won’t look so good, but the product itself is highly pigmented with a shimmer.

photo 4 photo 5

The pictures do not do justice to the glow. 

If you buy any two Clinique products right now you get all these free, plus some more face goos. Or you can buy them individually at retail price (Mascara: £18, Lipstick: £17.50, Blush: £22) 



How to make your own lipstick out of CRAYONS

That’s right. Legit Crayola Crayons. And it’s really easy too!

I was browsing the youtubes (definitely not singing Let It Go on karaoke) when I came across a load of DIY makeup videos. The Crayola lipstick one caught my attention in particular because I have loads of Crayolas lying around from when my niece comes over so I thought I’d try it for you guys and see how well it works.

You will need: Crayolas, coconut oil, containers


Method: Fill a pan with a cm or 2 of boiling water from the kettle, place on a low-medium heat. Chop up your chosen crayon into inch long pieces. For a sheer look add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil per inch of crayon, for a more opaque look use 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil. Place the crayon and coconut oil in a heat proof bowl and place in the pan. This way the crayon melts slowly and won’t burn.



Once melted, pour the mixture into a container:


Repeat with whichever colours you want, or you can mix colours together.




Once the mixture sets, you are ready to use it as a lipstick! Because Crayola are made for young children, this mixture is safe to wear on your lips because it is non toxic as toddlers have been known to eat crayons. Kids, eh.

This is what they look like:


Unfortunately they don’t make the best lipsticks, as you can see. But it’s free and a great way to experiment with colours, or doing a look you would never usually do and you don’t want to splash out on black lipstick you are never going to wear again. The coconut oil makes them soft on the lips so at least so won’t dry your lips out.


And it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. Have fun!

How to make your own Lip Plumper

I came across this recipe for a lip plumper that you can make at home for free so thought I’d do that with my Sunday and see if it works so you guys don’t have to. 

What you will need: 

1 tsp of Vaseline

1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp of cinnamon 


Mix these all together in a bowl and then apply to lips with a Q tip. Obviously there will be lots left over because it’s a teaspoon of Vaseline so I covered the rest over with cling film for keepsies. 


Leave the mixture on for 5 minutes. It will tingle. And no matter how careful you are you will probably ingest some like I did. But cayenne pepper is super good for you so don’t worry about that. After 5 minutes is up wipe it off and just apply normal Vaseline and check the results. 

This is before:


This is after: 



It’s not a complete transformation but to be honest it’s better than some designer brand lip plumpers I’ve used in the past and its free so why not try it?

Credit to @tazsangelsbeautybar (instagram) for the recipe. 

Happy plumping mother puckers x