The Big Debate: Applying makeup in public.

Since the Queen was spotted re applying her lipstick at the Commonwealth games, it has re-sparked the public grooming debate. 


I love this picture, because if you ask me, The Queen is the be all and end all of etiquette, and if she thinks it’s ok, it’s ok, okay? Debate over! As long as it doesn’t involve bodily fluids or depilation I don’t see the harm in a bit of touching up on the go. People would have you believe that the difference of opinion on this matter is generational, which could be a legit argument (my dad certainly does not approve when he sees girls applying their makeup on the tube on their way to work) but the Queen is certainly of a different generation to myself and she clearly approves. 

If you ask me, the ability to apply perfect liquid liner on the tube deserves to be applauded, not frowned on. Makeup is not a secret, so why must we hide our makeup regimes like it is something to be ashamed of? If we don’t wear it, we get just as judged. But if we wear it with pride, that’s a problem too? No. If I am on a long train journey, for example, and I want to brush my hair and make sure my lipstick is perfect before I arrive at my destination, I refuse to be shunned to the train toilets to do it. 


And if a girl chooses that extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning because she decided she will do her makeup on the tube, that’s just good sense. My dad tried to explain why he didn’t like it, and drew the comparison that it is like a man shaving on the tube. But shaving is not the male equivalent of applying makeup. Applying makeup is hygienic and doesn’t leave stubble all over the person next to you. The truth is, it doesn’t hurt anyone, you will never see those people again, and if people don’t like it they can look away or read their neighbour’s paper. 

Makeup is not our secret shame. It is our war paint. And our days of hiding it are over! Get used to it, world. 


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Gel Liner Pictorial

Gel liner, as many of you will know, is pretty tricky to accomplish. You may have finally grasped kohl and liquid, but gel is some next level stress. So here is a simple pictorial which should help:


Start with a primed eye. If you are planning on wearing eyeshadow do this before you apply your eyeliner.

Take an eyeliner brush, I use a Mac 210, load it up with a good gel liner. I use Mac’s Fluidline in Blacktrack. Hold the brush as low down as possible, this will help you control the brush better. Start by drawing the straight line across your lid, with the brush held sideways against the lid (as shown in the picture).

Step 2: Next draw a line starting in line with your lower lashes and pull the brush up towards the end of your eyebrow. You may use the point of the brush for this bit, as the point is good for precision.

Step 3: Draw another line starting where your last line finished, pull the brush back down towards the lid. You should now have a little triangle.

Step 4: Fill in this triangle

Step 5: Go over any errors and fill them in. This may make your line thicker than intended, therefore always start with a thin line so there is room to expand.

Step 6: Line your lower waterline with a white kohl pencil.

Step 7: Apply mascara, finish the rest of your face, and go!


I love this look. It’s very Lil Debbie