Miracle Product of the Month: March

Good Morning my Dolls ❤

I am starting a new feature called Miracle Product of the Month where, as the name implies, I review my favourite product of the month.

This month the snaps go to Ole Henriksen’s Lemon Strip Flash Peel 50ml (£35)


This is a face mask which is advertised as being good for fine lines and wrinkles. What is doesn’t mention is how amazing this product is for scarring and pigmentation. It contains all kinds of acids (lactic, glycolic and fruit acids) that help ‘resurface’ the face. Basically in lay terms, it burns off all your horrible flawed skin to reveal new baby skin after JUST ONE USE! The science side is to do with increasing cell turnover etc but all you really need to know is it works. For basically anything.

You apply it with a brush (included) over the offending areas and leave for 10 minutes (not a second more) and then wash off thoroughly. The reason you should not leave it on for longer is because due to it’s acidic contents it tends to burn slightly. I have very thick, un-sensitive skin and I left it on for 11 minutes once and I completely regretted it. It burned the lower part of my face so it looked like I had a red beard. It then started to peel..it was not very attractive. So use with caution and if you have sensitive skin maybe only leave it on for 5 minutes.

I wash it off using my clarisonic brush and an exfoliating cleanser just to really get all those dead skin cells off. Afterwards it recommends using a moisturiser, but I recommend some Aloe Gel as this is great on burns and it has a lovely cooling effect.

I know £35 seems a lot for only 50ml but you don’t need to use a lot. The packaging recommends only using a teaspoon amount. And it really is worth it seeing as the effects are immediate and if you have facial scars like I do, seeing them instantly diminished is priceless. And it’s cheaper than a chemical peel and it’s basically the same thing.

So there you have it, my Miracle Product for March. Stay tuned for next months Miracle.

Eyes White Shut



So one stand out makeup trend from fashion week was white eyeshadow as seen at Ralph Lauren and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Models sported a fresh faced wide eyed look:


My take on it is slightly different. I love using light shades when I have a tan because the white compliments it really well. Unfortunately I do not currently have a tan so in the picture at the beginning of this post the white does not stand out. However, for that photo I used Milk It! and Pause for Applause, both by benefit.


(Milk It! all over the lid and then Pause for Applause just above the crease in the outer corner)

When used with a tan the eyes really stand out. 

Image(picture circa 2011/12)

I usually pair the white eyeshadow with a bright lip as they also look great with a tan however because I am so pale right now I am almost see through, I just went for a standard nude (Dior La Grege)



I actually use white on a daily basis for my everyday makeup look in the form of Mac’s eye khol in Fascinating. I use this white pencil to highlight under my eyebrows and the water line of my lower lashes. It is a staple in my makeup kit however I haven’t done the white shadow thing in a while so it’s interesting to see it come back in January. I think this is something that will work better in the summer when we don’t all look paler than Lord Voldemort. 


Urban Decay has us Naked for a 3rd time!


First it was just rumours. Then the rumours were confirmed by Urban Decay. Then it was only a matter of waiting. The pictures were released, tantalising us. This palette promised to be the best yet, all in hues of pinks and purples. It was released in America at first. Urban Decay showed us pictures of Naked girls queueing to get their hands on this long awaited palette. And yet we still had to wait. Finally it was released in England. In stores first then, at last, online where I purchased mine (beautybay.com £37).

It arrived with the standard complimentary eyeshadow brush and with an extra four eyeshadow primer samples.


When doing my own makeup I go for universal wear. Looks that can be worn in the day but will also not look out of place at night. The first look I tried with this palette was intended for a day look, however with a pair of false eyelashes, and a less subtle lip it could easily be turned into a night time look.


I used the following shades:


I applied Dust all over the lid with the fluffy end of the Urban Decay brush and then used the defined shader end to apply a cheeky bit of Nooner to the outer corner, blending it with the fluffy end. I lined my lower lashes again with Nooner and then applied my eyeliner and mascara.


I love this palette because I find that pinks and purples are great for making my eyes look even browner. Often when I wear purple shades I am asked if I am wearing coloured contacts. HOWEVER, despite the fact that all these shades are apparently brand new and exclusive to this palette alone, I find similarities between some of these and Urban Decays other shades. For example Strange looks almost indistinguishable from Anonymous (Vice palette) and Virgin (Naked original palette). But I suppose to the more trained eye its the same as the difference between white paint and eggshell..

This bankrupting palette is beautiful, however I think the reason it is priced so high at £37 and not nearer £30 is because it is more of a collectors item. That is what the Naked legacy has become. You can’t have one and not the others.