Maleficent x MAC: Disappointing

MAC’s Maleficent line is released in the US today, and it is BORING.

This is the original Maleficent:


This is Angelina Jolie’s version:


And then this is MACs eyeshadow palette:


Is it just me or is there a major disconnect here? This palette is all browns, and there is not a single brown in either of those pictures. It’s all greens, purples, pinks, yellows. I saw a picture of the collection prior to the release but I thought it was a fake because I couldn’t believe MAC would really think this summed up Maleficent. But it’s real, folks. 

The collection also contains a pen eyeliner (in black), an eyebrow pencil (in dark blonde), some false lashes, a red lipstick, lipgloss and lip pencil in the same red as Ru Paul’s Viva Glam, nude powders and nail varnish in red, nude or black. 

This has to be their most boring line to date, and the worst part is it could have been their most EXCITING line to date.

Who gave the go ahead on this? 

I know I’m not the only one who’s disappointed with this. Maybe we could stand together and demand a do-over? Or we’ll make our own line with the Mink 3D Printer mentioned in my previous post.