Miracle Product of the Month: July

This months Miracle Product is not a specific product from a specific brand, it is item almost every makeup brand produces, and one that is definitely worth purchasing.  The White Eyeliner Pencil. It is so ingrained into my makeup routine … Continue reading

Miracle Product of the Month: May

I know it’s a bit late but it’s still may so without any more delays, here is my miracle product of the month:


My mum got this as a present for her birthday earlier this month from (shoutout) Sophie Stephenson. It is the nicest smelling hand cream you will ever come across, fact! I first started using it all the time because I loved the smell, and then I realised that my usually dry, painful hands were no longer dry and painful. Even the dry bits between my fingers were gone. 

I consider myself a bit of a hand cream connoisseur, because when I was nursing I had the worlds driest hands due to washing them every 5 minutes and using alcohol gel every 2 minutes. I’ve tried a lot of different hand creams since then and this is my favourite. So get yourself to Neal’s Yard and try it. I came for the smell, I stayed for the softness.