I’m such a NARSissist…

I was in SpaceNK the other day when I remembered I could do with some more primer. My usual – Laura Mercier – was running low. But while I was browsing I spotted a NARS primer specifically for radiance boosting. It’s cheaper than my usual at £25 so I thought I’d give it a go. 





The NARS Radiance Enhancing Primer Pro-Prime range (£25)

I always set my makeup with a very expensive makeup setting spray (lies, I use hairspray. It’s £4 and works better than any posh setting sprays) so even if I forgot my primer my makeup could last all day. So the real test of this product is how well would my makeup last without hairspray? Well I wasn’t going anywhere yesterday so took the risk, my skin will thank me for it cause hairspray is not good for it. And 8 hours after application my makeup was still flawless and radiant! I already knew NARS primers were great because I use the eyeshadow primer, but I wasn’t expecting this. I highly recommend.



How to make your own Lip Plumper

I came across this recipe for a lip plumper that you can make at home for free so thought I’d do that with my Sunday and see if it works so you guys don’t have to. 

What you will need: 

1 tsp of Vaseline

1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp of cinnamon 


Mix these all together in a bowl and then apply to lips with a Q tip. Obviously there will be lots left over because it’s a teaspoon of Vaseline so I covered the rest over with cling film for keepsies. 


Leave the mixture on for 5 minutes. It will tingle. And no matter how careful you are you will probably ingest some like I did. But cayenne pepper is super good for you so don’t worry about that. After 5 minutes is up wipe it off and just apply normal Vaseline and check the results. 

This is before:


This is after: 



It’s not a complete transformation but to be honest it’s better than some designer brand lip plumpers I’ve used in the past and its free so why not try it?

Credit to @tazsangelsbeautybar (instagram) for the recipe. 

Happy plumping mother puckers x