Nail growth myths

Much like with hair, there is no way to speed up nail growth. It grows at a fixed rate. If you want longer nails, the best thing to do is make them healthy and strong so they don’t break off at short lengths.

Here are some tips for healthy, strong nails:

Iron: iron deficiency can cause poorly hair and nails. Red meat contains iron and also it is rich in protein which is vital for healthy nails.

Almonds also contain a ton of protein along with magnesium which is great for hair and nails. A deficiency in magnesium can cause those pesky nail ridges.


Milk: vitamin D (helps with calcium absorption = healthy nails) and protein.


Biotin. Taking biotin supplements has been proven to improve the condition of nails. It helps develop keratin. Eggs are a great source of both biotin and vitamin D.


Lastly, don’t forget the importance of moisturising. Dry nails are brittle and fragile nails. Don’t forget the cuticles. Dry cuticles can cause hangnails and look ragged.


Summer Nails: NEON!

I am a tanning professional, and one of my favourite tricks for looking more tanned is neon. Any neon, be it clothes, accessories or jewellery will instantly make you look more brown. That’s why this season I love neon nail varnish. 

The makeup range Models Own which started with nail varnishes, has released the perfect range of polishes for this look called Polish for Tans.



(picture from getthegloss)

This range comes in five blindingly bright colours:


From left to right: Flip Flop, Bikini, Beach Bag, Shades and Sun Hat.

As always each polish is £5. Models Own is one of my favourite brands of nail polishes because of the low price, the easy application and fast drying. On natural nails this will last up to 3 days but when applied to false nails or nail extensions it will last as long as the nails do! And your hands will look gorgeously bronzed. Or use them in your pedicure for perfectly tanned looking toes. 

I also love their Iced Neon collection for summer


Another great but affordable brand is Topshop Nails. Their polishes are £6 and the range of colours is amazing. They don’t have a specific neon collection but they do have this great bright pinky red:


Tobasco Trouble £6. I adore this colour so much, I can’t even look at it. 

Utilise these colours with caution, however: may cause envy in others.