5 natural solutions to oily skin

There are times when having oily skin can feel like the worst. Constant breakout, having to wash your hair every 12 hours, constant shiny skin. Of course the good news is that oily skin doesn’t age as much as dry skin. So we look like teenagers for longer, albeit with all the teenage skin problems.

There are many expensive ‘solutions’ for oily skin, however before you fork out the big bucks, give these natural remedies a try with stuff that can be found in your own kitchen.



Tomatoes contain vitamin C which is good for fighting off spots, and also natural oil-absorbing acids. To reep the benefits, cut a tomato in half and rub the gooey side over the skin. Leave to dry and then wash off. You may look a little silly, but it’s worth a try.

Egg Whites


Whisk up a bowl of egg whites until stiff and apply to skin for 15 minutes to get all the skin clearing benefits of vitamin A.

Lemon juice


The astringent and antiseptic qualities of lemon juice make it great for drying and clearing up your skin. Mix with honey to make a face mask with the added antibacterial qualities that honey brings.



As well as having plenty of health benefits when put INSIDE your face, yogurt also comes with benefits when put ON your face. The lactic acid is a great oil absorber. Just apply natural yogurt to skin for 15 minutes.



Vitamins A and E are the best ‘beauty’ vitamins, and cucumbers are full of both. They also have cooling properties which help with angry breakouts, and magnesium and potassium for oily skin. Run cucumber slices on your face (yes, seriously) and leave overnight.