The unsung hero that is Nivea Creme

Nivea crème has been around since 1911 and since then it hasn’t stopped being a beauty staple. It is an all over beauty crème that can be used as many different ways as there are parts of the body. It is one of the cheapest products on the market yet it has beaten products ten times the price in tests. So what can you do with it?



You can apply is as a day or night cream in place of your fancy moisturiser or serum. It reduces appearance of wrinkles, redness, scarring and dryness.


As it is oil based you can use it with water to remove your makeup

Lip Balm

Apply it to lips if you are caught out without a lip balm. It does the job just as well as most medium strength balms.

Body Lotion

Apply it to any part of the body that needs extra care. If you have dry, cracked heels, cover your feet in it and apply a sandwich bag over the top and just let it soak in while you watch TV or overnight for brand new feet in the morning.

Cuticle cream

Applying this to your cuticles heals them and can prevent infections caused by hangnails

And apparently…

According to the youtube account macshadowcombos you can even use it as a polish for leather goods such as bag and shoes. She demonstrates how to uses a dab of cream to get rid of a scuff on a shoe and it’s like magic.

I just felt like it needed a whole post to itself because it’s often underrated and for £1 for 50ml you can’t go wrong. Especially as it could competently replace several items in your makeup bag.


No Girls Allowed: Men’s Skincare 101

This post is just for the boys. Since Joe Biden revealed the secret to his gorgeous skin (Clinique for Men) it’s got me thinking about whether this is a subject boys would appreciate some direction in. Biden claimed he just uses what his wife tells him to, but I think you guys are capable of making your own decisions on your skincare, there just aren’t many beauty blogs that focus on men so it is hard to know where to start. 


Joe Biden revealed to Rachael Ray the secret to his glowing skin is Clinique. As if I could love him any more. Clinique is an absolute classic in skin care for men and women. Clinique have a line designed especially for men, the standard moisturiser costs £23. This is just a simple moisturiser with SPF so if you find all the specific treatments a bit intimidating, this is a great place to start. 


If you are already comfortable with moisturisers and want to target more specific problems, Clinique for Men also has creams for dark spot correcting, blemishes, fatigue and anti-ageing. 

If you want a product that will impress whoever is going through your medicine cabinet, Tom Ford has a men’s skincare range. It is pricey but if I saw them in a boy’s bathroom I would be very impressed/jealous. Their daily moisturiser is £75 (eek!) so this is really top end of the budget. They also do a concealer for £32 and is designed especially for men to help cover up blemishes, redness or razor cuts. 

You don’t need to spend a lot, however, for a good basic moisturiser. Nivea for Men have a re-hydrating moisturiser for £6.95 which, as the name implies, is good for dehydrated skin as well as dry skin. Dehydrated is an often overlooked skin care issue. Nivea also have a wide range of products to ease shaving and to cool the skin afterwards. Another cheap but effective moisturiser is Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body and Face Lotion (£3.73) (As seen in Esquire). Apply this at night to make the morning shave more comfortable and less irritating. 




Another popular brand among men’s skincare is Kiehls. Their Facial Fuel range is incredibly popular and their “caffeine and vitamin non oily formula” claims to “energize the skin and control shine” so this is one for those of you who have trouble getting to bed on time (Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturiser £21). This range also includes cleansers, exfoliating scrubs and eye creams. All of which are products which everyone should be using, regardless of gender. 


I hope this helped some boys out there decide which direction to go in when entering the confusing world of skin care. For those who are already experienced in this area, I know this post is very basic but it is mainly aimed at those who are completely new to skin care. Any requests or questions, feel free to comment.